Monday, August 31, 2020

Report Says China Not Ready For A Full Assault Against Taiwan

Taipei Times: China not ready for full assault: report

GEOLOGICAL CHALLENGE: The PLA lacks the landing vehicles and logistics required to launch an incursion into Taiwan via the Taiwan Strait, a defense ministry report said.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) does not yet have the military capability to wage an all-out war against Taiwan, given the demanding geological environment of the Taiwan Strait, a Ministry of National Defense report said.

The China Military Power Report 2020, which the ministry yesterday submitted to the Legislative Yuan for review, said the PLA still lacks the landing vehicles and logistics required to launch an incursion into Taiwan via the Taiwan Strait.

If Beijing were to wage a war now, its combat plans could take the form of military intimidation, blockades, firepower strikes and landing operations, the report said.

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WNU Editor: A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would be like the Normandy invasion, but against more formidable defences. The Chinese are nowhere near that type of capability.


jimbrown said...

And it will lead to a world war with massive destruction of the PRC.

Xi could launch Covid20 attack with higher kill rate.

Anonymous said...

Tiawan will be taken. By little green men. Any other colour is racist. Thank the new Russian way of war.

Jac said...

China will try, yes. Xi Jimping put himself in a corner and he has and will do everything to win, no matter if it will be a disaster for China. He is the boss and will make "good" explanation for making the disaster as a victory.

Anonymous said...

It is good that China iosd not ready,because the Americans are not ready to assit Taiwan.

Democrats or more properly Fuckercrats have the country in such a turmoil that we have headliens like

The United States Is the Only Country Among Developed Nations Keeping Children Home from School

Democrat politicians are finding out or going to finds out that you cannot have your cake and eat it too,

REVOLT! Oregon Sheriffs Defy Order by Liberal Governor to Send Deputies to Portland to be Attacked by Protesters and Harassed by the Courts!

Democrat politicians, activists and Obama think you can beat the fuck out of police and then turn around and tell them get back to work. Democrats have not change in 200 years.

I hear banjos. Democrats must be out in force.

Anonymous said...

To be Fair Governor Brown is taking er cues from the befuddled and demented Joe Biden.

WATCH: Joe Biden Claimed Today: “I Am Not Banning Fracking” – Here is Video of Biden Repeatedly Promising to Eliminate Fracking

Joe Biden's position is exactly this.

Joe Biden was against fracking in the primary.
He is for fracking now during the general election.
Hew will be against fracking after November 3rd.

If he does not win the election, Joe will have no opinion after the 3rd unless his wife has an opinion for him.