Monday, August 31, 2020

Submarine Spotted Off The Coast Of Alaska Was American Nto Russian As Initialy Reported

This photo shows a submarine surfaced not far from the shore of U.S.-owned St. Matthew Island, in the Bering Sea. Fishermen thought the submarine was Russian, but defense analysts say it’s a U.S. naval vessel. (Courtesy Mike Fitzgerald)

Forbes: Submarine Scare Off Alaska May Have Been U.S. Navy, Not Russian

There has been speculation about the identity of a submarine that reportedly surfaced off Alaska last week. U.S. Northern Command tweeted that they were monitoring the situation. Analysis of potential Russian Navy submarines pointed to the Omsk, an Oscar-II Class cruise missile submarine. A submarine had been spotted by crews of Alaskan fishing trawlers, who had also seen Russian warships in the area. But now a photo of the alleged submarine has emerged, at least the one seen by the fishing vessels. And it is not Russian.

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WNU Editor: Yup. That is definitely a US sub.

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