Monday, August 31, 2020

Watch Three Anti-Ship Missiles Rip Through The USS Durham During RIMPAC NAval Exercises Off The Coast Of Hawaii

Warzone/The Drive: Watch Three Anti-Ship Missiles Rip Through USS Durham During RIMPAC Sinking Exercise

The Navy's big RIMPAC drills may have been dialed back this time around, but its highly anticipated SINKEX event certainly wasn't.

Even though this iteration of the biennial Rim Of The Pacific (RIMPAC) international naval exercises off Hawaii is smaller than in years past, the highlight of the drills, where a real ship is sunk with live weaponry, wasn't dropped from the program. For the sinking exercise, otherwise known as SINKEX, the ex-USS Durham, a mothballed amphibious cargo ship that was pulled from service in 1994, was the target. The Navy has released the first video of its demise, which appears to show a succession of no less than three anti-ship cruise missiles ripping through the ship's hull and detonating, along with a showering of shrapnel or submunitions from another weapon.

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WNU Editor: The RIMPAC exercise are ending today.


Anonymous said...

$$$$$$$. Now if I could just find a downward pointing arrow on the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I was expecting a larger impact explosion.

Anonymous said...


Destroyers are lightly built and they burn (They are also top heavy).

A supply ship is made of steel.

There is a big difference.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the missiles would work as good against a manned ship performing evasive maneuvers, rather than an unmanned vessel lying dead in the water?

Anonymous said...

Other than getting shot down by an active defense tere really is no comparison between target speed and missile speed.

This isn't the Battle of Midway. Things fly much faster.