Sunday, November 29, 2020

Will President Trump Boycott Biden's Inauguration And Instead Announce That He Will Be Running In 2024?

Workers construct a viewing stand in front of the White House on Saturday ahead of the inauguration

 * Three sources told The Daily Beast Trump is plotting ways to boycott Biden's administration and inauguration 
 * Sources said Trump is considering timing a kick-off event for his 2024 White House campaign to clash with inauguration week or with the ceremony itself 
 * This would be a marked departure from protocol with the outgoing president traditionally attending the incoming president's inauguration 
 * The tradition is part of a peaceful transition of power - a grace then-President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden both afforded Trump back in 2017 
 * Obama and Trump were even seen sharing a joke on the steps of the US capitol 
 * Obama wrote a letter congratulating Trump and offering his support for his coming term - something Trump called 'beautiful' at the time 
 * Trump took a break from his election legal battle over Thanksgiving weekend to play a round of golf at his club in Sterling, Virginia, Saturday 
 * This week he finally admitted he would leave the White House in January if the electoral college certifies votes 
 * He then said Biden can only enter the White House if he proves votes are not 'fraudulent' 
 * Sources said Trump is already planning his comeback 2024 campaign 

Donald Trump is said to be considering holding an event during the president-elect's inauguration to announce his 2024 run and has boasted that he thinks the networks will continue to cover him after he leaves the White House because Joe Biden is 'boring'. 

Three sources close to the president told The Daily Beast he is plotting various ways to boycott Biden's administration and steal his thunder when he is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States in January.

Two of the sources said Trump is considering timing a kick-off event for his 2024 White House campaign to clash with inauguration week or with the ceremony itself. 

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WNU Editor: There is a lot of speculation in the above Daily Mail post. What's my take. I doubt that President Trump will commit to another Presidential round this soon. He will continue to work to maintain his influence in the party, and will probably assess the situation in 2023 over making another round at the Presidency. On a side note .... 2024: Trump already tops Biden 4-1 in betting markets, but odds favor Harris (Washington Examiner).


Anonymous said...

Poor Trump has not enough decency or graciousness to attend the inauguration. This will be attended by living presidents except for Trump. What does that tell you about what he has and is doing to our nation and what does that tell you about the man himself?

Anonymous said...

Trump once said he doesn't like to lose, and he doesn't lose well.

He wasn't joking.

Anonymous said...

Carter is a disgrace. In 2005 eh and others wrote a study of everything you should not do in an election. The Democrats used it as a "How To" manual. And yest Carter sits idly by. because his side won.

Clinton has assaulted numerous women.

Obama is is savvy only about one thing. Playing politics with sharp elbows. He knows nothing else. He is good about lowering the oceans. Better than Moses. Because while CO2 goes up, he bought beachfront palatial mansions in Hawaii and Massachusetts.

GWB is a go along get along type of guy. He is not much of a fighter. Why should he be. He is a blue blood.

Anonymous said...

The post does not call for your cdritiquers of whathe candidates are worth in your estimation. The idea is that in a democracy, rival parties honor the system that is the essence of democracy: presidential elections.

Anonymous said...


5:49 made a comment. I rebutted his comment. My rebuttal was that the people attending the inauguration have no class, no morals and little intelligence with the exception of Bush.

"The idea is that in a democracy, rival parties honor the system that is the essence of democracy"

Honoring the system include stuffing ballot boxes?

Maybe you ought tell that to Mexican President Obrador. He knows what corruption looks like.

Does honoring the system include censorship?

As a language major, you should not as estranged to ideas, meanings, and concepts as you are.

Jac said...

Trump will not run for 2024. Age. That said, an other Republican with a "Trump economy philosophy" will run and will win easily. The only problem with that is: in 4 years there is a lot of things which can happen and change everything. Especially with China.