Thursday, February 25, 2021

Canada's New Top Military Commander Steps Aside Following Sexual Misconduct Claim

CBC: Canada's new defence chief Admiral Art McDonald steps aside amid investigation 

McDonald was appointed just over 2 months ago 

Canada's new top military commander, Admiral Art McDonald, has voluntarily stepped aside as he is investigated by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service on unspecified allegations. 

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan posted a statement just after 11 p.m. Wednesday stating he was informed of the situation and takes allegations of misconduct seriously.

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WNU Editor: Admiral Art MacDonald was sworn in on January 14 to replace retiring General Jonathan Vance, who is also under investigation over allegations of inappropriate behavior towards two women (which he denies). Two top military officers being put aside over allegations of misconduct within two months!!! If there was ever a definition for bad leadership, this is it. 

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Stephen Davenport said...

WNU, it could all be BS too, just because they say they were harassed doesnt mean it happened. Canada like the US politicians are trying to out woke (metoo) each other.

Anonymous said...

This is as pervasive as sue and settle. They loot, because they can like pastoralists raiding the Silk Road. Part of me thinks they are guilty. It just being human nature. But the way things are I think it equally likely that this is a way to gouge money out of the system.