Friday, February 19, 2021

China Says 4 Chinese Soldiers Died In Bloody India Border Clash Last Year

 * China confirmed the deaths more than six months after the hand-to-hand fight 
 * Beijing claimed the announcement could help the world 'understand the truth' 
 * State TV aired a video which allegedly showed the brawl at Galwan River valley 
 * The fatal clash occurred in the Ladakh region's Karakoram Mountains last June 
 * India said 20 of its men had died in the battle involving fists, clubs and stones 
 * The two sides are engaged in a phased pullback from their positions after talks 

China has released a video which reportedly shows its border clash with Indian troops last June after Beijing admitted that four of its soldiers were killed in the fatal high-mountain fight. 

The footage, aired by Beijing's state broadcaster CCTV, is said to capture the bloody hand-to-hand combat between Chinese and Indian forces at the Galwan River valley, which also resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian servicemen. 

The official channel claimed the clip showed an Indian army 'several times the size of the Chinese side' launching a violent revenge attack after a Chinese commander had tried to solve the two nations' border disputes through peaceful talks. 

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WNU Editor: 20 Indian soldiers were killed in this clash. 

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Update: China Releases First Video of Bloody Night When Galwan Valley Turned Red (Sputnik).

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Jac said...

The pullback from China is really surprising and not in the line of what it did previously. Why increasing quality and quantity of military stuff for abandoning it suddenly? IMHO China doesn't want 2 front war at the same time, this mean we can expect something somewhere else, why not Taiwan?