Friday, February 19, 2021

Is President Biden About To Commit To New Missile Defenses?

Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle defends the US against ballistic missiles by destroying them while they are still in space. 

There have been questions about the Biden Administration's missile defense plan; some of those may be answered in coming weeks 

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon plans to take a big step in its long and costly effort to build a new missile defense system, the Next Generation Interceptor program, in coming weeks. 

The NGI is trying to pick up where the Redesigned Kill Vehicle program left off when it was scrapped in 2019 after burning through $1.2 billion on research and development and being found wanting. 

But the Missile Defense Agency has taken its time on the NGI work, issuing requirements in 2019 and doing its homework on how and why the previous effect failed. 

WNU Editor: The Biden administration's decision on the Next Generation Interceptor program will be announced in the coming weeks. But this missile defense program has already been green-lighted .... In signal to Iran, Israel, US begin developing Arrow-4 missile defense system (Jerusalem Post).


Anonymous said...

Normally a Democrat would kill such a project. They would deride proponent s of such defenses like Ronald Reagan to George Bush. Obama would've killed such an endeavor. Now Democrats are so in bed and supporting forever wars for so long that they support such programs.

At least a missile defense program is necessary and not a forever war. It is useful in combatting a peer rival.

The latest incarnation of the Democrat cabal supporting missile defense does not in any way win them kudos not after 40 years of trashing such endeavors and their supporters. None.

Anonymous said...

grow up anon
Dems were this and that and now Dems are this and that
In other words, no matter what they do they are no good?
stupidest shit I will read all day.

Anonymous said...

Stupidest shit you will read all day 8:32, is what you yourself will post.

"Congressional Democrats largely shelved legislative efforts to limit the Bush administration’s ballistic missile defense plans.

Although Democrats sought in early September to put conditions on and cut funding for the Bush administration’s nearly $8.3 billion request for missile defense spending"

Democrats are traditionally against defense.

What did Obama do? He trashed Bush's missile shield as soon as her got into office.

It is almost as if he wanted Iran to be able to blackmail Europe with nukes.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s Missile Defense Cuts Prevail In Both Senate Armed Services Panel, And In Entire House

Face it

Democrats are shit.

You are shit.

Anonymous said...

Even More Cuts May Gouge Missile Defense Programs In Future Years, Lawmaker Warns


1st thing Bozo butt did was cut missile defense.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who your Bozo refers to. You really need to stop imitating the former president and his naming of enemies.
The Dems were in charge when we won WW and WWII. You seem to think that the military needs to get even more than they often request and that any judicious restraints on their spending is bad bad bad, while we have no serious health care and infrastructure in great need of fixing

Anonymous said...

Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset. Does it Matter?

Anonymous said...

Sir Brennan surveiled the guy for over a year and found nothing.

Brenna is either incompetent or Trump is innocent.

Anonymous said...

We lost WW1. We lost freedom at home and we lost a more peaceful world see WW2.

WW1 was a waste. Sure a lot of people who hadn't been, so much as been punched in the nose ever, wanted to go to war. But they had no clue that war would break out then. They do not want war then and there and did not think it was possible. They slept walked into it.

Woodrow Wilson whos names have been pulled off of schools in the recent past and still ongoing is such a great Democrat.

If Democrat Woodrow Wilson the racist is such a great person, why is his name being thrown in the pig slop where it belongs with you. I'll keep rubbing your nose in it. You have it coming.

Anonymous said...

Bozo Butt's Cuts May Gouge Missile Defense Programs In Future Years, Lawmaker Warns