Monday, February 15, 2021

Microsoft President Says SolarWinds Hack Is The 'Largest And Most Sophisticated Attack The World Has Ever Seen'

 * Cyber raid stole data from biggest companies on Wall Street and gov. agencies 
 * Hackers were 'likely' deployed by Moscow, Washington revealed in December 
 * Microsoft was targeted and Smith says more than 1,000 hackers were involved 
 * He added that similar cyber offensives against the US were ongoing 

The boss of Microsoft has called the SolarWinds hack 'the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen.' 

The cyber raid identified in December exposed data from thousands of Wall Street's top companies and a handful of government agencies including the Treasury, Justice and Commerce departments.

The hackers, which the CIA said were 'likely' deployed by Russia, used SolarWinds' Orion platform as an open door to break into the computer systems of its 18,000 customers. 

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Anonymous said...

More likely it was the Chinese, but the beautiful people need someone to say it was Russia, Russia, Russia.

China has way more opportunity and means.

When you go to uni, you cannot but help no0tice the Chinese students packing into the colleges.

Stories of Red Princes (rich kids form affluent burbs as well) dumping electronic such as printers and other electronics when they move apartments, because they can afford new electronics for a new semester/year.

Other stories are of Red Princes getting of the plane in Iowa and getting picked up by car dealerships (in the Iowa City metro) at the airport and driving out of the dealership in new cars.

China has the money and the number of STEM graduates to devote the resources to any number of initiatives.

Anonymous said...

Experts in and out of the govt, the private sector and govt agencies say RUSSIA. But you know better. Evidence?
Poster in disguise?

Anonymous said...

I gave evidence. You just ignored it. Basically China has more money, people, and more IT professionals. It also has the cyber manufacturing resources and equipment. Chinese manufactured equipment is found in computer equipment across America. Is Russian made equipment found in US equipment?

You do not need to manufacture equipment or build in a backdoor, but it can help.

I tend to mistrust an establishment that lied about Russian Collusion. $80,000 spent on Facebook ads with more than 1/2 of it spent after the election was a joke of a conspiracy. We saw how Washington insiders like execrable Brennan said one thing night after night on CNN and a complete opposite in a grand jury.

The same Deep State and media that originally downplayed the situation around November 3rd, when the electoral count was in doubt, is now playing it up when the Democrats have all the levers of power and ability to shape the narrative.

With lobbying and people rotating between government and companies/NGO's there is no clear line of demarcation between public and private. Certainly the line is blurred between the MSM and the federal government. For instance Stephanopoulis is nothing by a Democrat operative with a byline.

B.Poster said...

"Poster in disguise." No. Nevertheless anon at 5:47 and 7:53 has nailed it.

B.Poster said...

So far they can't or won't tell us precisely what was compromised. The closest they come is Microsoft "source code." Whether it's Russia, China, or whoever they will need to be more specific than that. Microsoft will need to describe in detail which source code was affected and how the American people are adversely affected. "Closely guarded secret" is not good enough. Without such information aggressive action against anyone cannot be supported. At this point, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that they made the whole thing up.