Monday, February 15, 2021

U.S. Scientists Discover Seven New Homegrown COVID Variants In America

Variants with a mutation known as Q677 have emerged in numerous states in the South and Southwest, with the highest concentrations in New Mexico and Louisiana 

 * Scientists have discovered seven coronavirus variants with nearly identical mutations to their spike proteins in the US
 * Two have gained ground in Louisiana and Mississippi, but the variants, known by their 677 mutations have been spotted in numerous states 
 * Scientists aren't yet sure whether these variants are more infectious 
 * But the emergence of the same spike protein mutation in multiple places suggests it could give the virus an advantage over older variants 

Scientists have discovered another seven homegrown coronavirus variants that emerged across the US, and are concerned over identical mutations seen in the 'spike' protein that could make them more infectious. 

It's not yet clear whether these variants are in fact more contagious, or how common they are across the US as a whole, according to a pre-print posted to MedRxiv ahead of peer review on Sunday. 

But the new variants all share a set of mutations to the critical spike protein - the same part of the virus that has mutations in the more infectious UK and South African variants. 

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WNU Editor: The U.S. is not the only country discovering new variants .... New Covid variant with potentially worrying mutations found in UK (The Guardian).


Anonymous said...

It is all very worrisome. It has been found, when NSP3 protein is made is C14 instead C12 is it 4,32 times as more virulent than normal. Scientists are fervently praying this mutation does not strike the NSP4 through NSP16 proteins.

It reminds me of the stories of chemicals in the 1990s. Because you can measure in every smaller trace amounts, does it mean it is of concern?

Rep. Krishnamoorthi is on jihad against heavy metals in baby food. Prima facia it is an excellent crusade. It is jihad for the most vulnerable of us, the children. It reminds me of how Senator Schmuck Schumer made his first bones. He waged aggressive war against big Breakfast, He went against General Mills and Kellogs. It almost as if Big Business had a monopoly on breakfast foods. God only knows that only one breakfast food is known to exist, cold breakfast cereal. Breakfast simply did not exist before 1894 and the invention of cornflakes.

Schumer is looking out for his peon voters. He is a good guy. He assumes that his voters are so poor after taxes they canno9t afford a toaster or any other kitchen equipment. Yes, Schumer does look at his voters as rubes, serfs, and peons.

So when Krishnamoorthi goes after Gerbers it gives me pause. Can we measure the heavy metals? Yes. How are the metals getting there? How much heavy metal is there in mothers milk, or baby foods for the last 200 years? Is the amount of heavy metals getting worse?

This jihad against trace amount of chemicals or a viral mutation, how much is real and how much is hype?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile what we are dealing with in San Diego...

CatholicDragoon said...

This could be 100% true and I still wouldn't care.

The results of constant lying and manipulations.