Saturday, February 27, 2021

U.S. And Canada To Modernize Missile-Surveillance System In The Arctic

The U.S. and Canada move to modernize a missile-surveillance system in the Arctic that officials say is outdated 

TORONTO—The U.S. and Canada plan to modernize a network of defense satellites and radar in the Arctic, in a bid to counter a growing military presence in the north from Russia and China. 

President Biden asked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ramp up Canada’s spending on defense, including an upgrade of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, commonly known as Norad, during a bilateral meeting between the two leaders on Tuesday, according to an official familiar with the discussions. 

Norad was a central part of the U.S. and Canadian military’s Cold War deterrence strategy against the former Soviet Union. Consisting of satellites, ground-based radar, and air-force bases located mostly in Alaska and the Canadian Arctic, the surveillance system was designed to give the military allies notice of any impending attack from the north.

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WNU Editor: This modernization of NORAD is long overdue.


Cyrus Jenix said...

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Jac said...

This modernization will take time too. We have a lot of weakness.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, it costs $trillions.

I'm worried about Lockheed executives not receiving bonuses.

Anon said...

What are the strenghts Jac? And what are the weaknesses of enemies Jac?

Anonymous said...

Spelling is not one of the weaknesses, that is your area of expertise.