Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Did A Libyan-Owned Ship Sailing From Iran Launch An 'Environmental Terror' Attack Against Israel?

Orange pins a re for beaches which are in their initial cleaning stages; yellow pins indicate beaches with low pollution levels, or beaches which are in the advanced stages of cleaning; while green pins mark beaches with very light pollution levels. 

"A 19-year-old Libyan-owned ship is responsible for the massive tar pollution which hit Israeli shores." 

A Libyan ship that set sail from Iran, was the vessel responsible for a massive oil spill in the Mediterranean Sea that has damaged Israel's coastline, Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel announced on Wednesday. 

The minister described the pollution as an act of “environmental terror” undertaken by a Libyan-owned ship when it sailed from Iran loaded with crude oil. 

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Anonymous said...

Bomb Iran's nuclear installations now and have no pause for concern for the radiological fallout that pollutes their land. That would be a sufficient reprisal...

Anonymous said...

and the shit drifting in the air stays within Iran: smart

Dave Goldstein said...

Bomb their oil fields. No money, no terror

Anonymous said...

Notice the patchwork clerk never has anything bad to say about Iran, Saint Obama, Friar Biden, or the Iran deal.

Misfit with bad DNA from its parents won't comment on this blogpost.

Anonymous said...

Phuck thee worthless one
should I say bad things about Biden and Obama? why
what has Trump given us: oh, he got the vaccine in secret; met Putin, in secret; giving us a health plan--someday and built an entire wall along Mexican border and Mexico paid for it. Lost the White House, the House, and the Senate to the other party. Tired of winning?

Anonymous said...

"got the vaccine in secret"!?!?
Enjoying your bed Lapides?

Anonymous said...

Nope. got it via a university site secret: a line.
now dunk your head back and drink in your mother's septic tank

Anonymous said...

"Phuck thee worthless one
should I say bad things about Biden and Obama? why"

Because they are giving the evil mullahs and Ayatollahs a helping hand.

Why should Khameini be exercised over Israel?

- Israel has not declared war on Iran like Saddam Hussein.

- Israel has not sponsored Baluchi rebels against Iran like Pakistan.

Sunni militants attack Iran Revolutionary Guards vehicle

- Maybe Iran should be more concerned with Azerbaijan wanting the Western Parts of Iran that have a majority of Azeris living there? Maybe 4:19 wants to buy a clue

You are unperturbed that the beaches are fouled. Maybe you don't care if Israel's tourism industry takes a body blow. It would be strange if you did not care when you pretend to be pro-Israel. Maybe you don't swim. Maybe you are not Jewish. Maybe you kids cannot swim because you never taught them. Maybe you kids do not care about Israeli Beaches because they will never swim there and are not Jewish?

Maybe you are an Iranian cyber-warfare dude, who trolls social media?

Anonymous said...

So that's not you @ 4:19 Lapides? Or are you lying again. Do you even remember what you've said and the lies you've told?

Anonymous said...

Figures. 4:!9 took a few ad hominem pot shots and then flew off. Gotta be an Iranian.