Wednesday, March 31, 2021

French President Macron Orders A Complete COVID-19 Lockdown And Curfew Across All Of France

France's infection rate has soared in recent weeks in a resurgence blamed on the British variant of Covid-19, which has now resulted in a third national lockdown
Death rates are also climbing and the total is nearing the tally of 100,000 which has already been reached by the UK and Italy 

 * Macron announced a new national lockdown on Wednesday night in an address 
 * He explained the measures were in response to the spread of the 'British variant' 
 * From Saturday, all of France will be under a 7 p.m. curfew, with schools closed 
 * Non-essential shops will also close, with domestic travel and gatherings limited 
 * Macron has sought to avoid a third national lockdown since the start of the year 
 * But his options have narrowed during a third wave blamed on the British variant 
 * Number of intensive care patients passed 5,000 on Tuesday, the worst this year 

France will enter a third national lockdown for four weeks, French president Emmanuel Macron announced in an address to the nation on Wednesday night.

The decision comes as a third wave of Covid-19 - blamed largely on the so-called 'British variant' of the virus - surges across Europe and countries face a race against time to vaccinate their populations. 

'The epidemic is accelerating, and we are likely to lose control, so we must find a new way of reacting. We must therefore set ourselves a new framework for the coming months,' the head of state said during the dramatic address. 

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Stephen said...

These are supposed to be educated people, sigh. Never Ending lockdowns, its never going to stop.

Anonymous said...

Macron is a dickless idiot. If you consider a bell curve he is at one end , where a "leader" has no children and does not care about the future. At the other end of the bell curve are leaders like Pelosi, who are similar to the aliens of Independence Day.

Are death rates a rising? Could be. Could you control chart it and make a case or is it natural variation.

Forget about the Freshman fifteen. Devious "leaders" will ensure that people have the lockdown 10, 50 or 20 per year. Then they will wonder why people keel over when the get any virus as fat as they are.

Anonymous said...

You're right Stephen. There are those who don't want the lock downs to end.

Anonymous said...

Alex Berenson: The Pandemic's Wrongest Man

Anonymous said...

Oh look the _________________________ Warbler has sang again.

I find the Atlantic hit piece by staff writer DEREK THOMPSON to be highly offensive.

Here is one reason why:

"Roughly 100,000 people under 65 have died of COVID-19"

When you are using a bar chart for example, average and bright student will naturally ask if they have the right bin size or bin number. They ask earnestly. They want to get the right answer and they are inquisitive. They also want to pass and get their first job.

So I truly appreciate the charlatan sleight of hand, indolence, or ignorance in the way Mr. Thompson rhetorically constructs his bin size. Newspaper and magazine journalist complain of the mendacity of politicians? Have they read their own tripe? OR do they write a piece and like an actor never watch a movie they were in, because it is uncomfortable regardless of the movie and acting was good or bad?

Also has Mr. Thompson Asked Why five times? There is another way and it is a beaut. They will never think of it. They won't precisely because these writers are bigots. In other words they are narrow minded and cannot see they are blinkered. They lack experience in other fields. And I mean it.

Consider a writer for Live Science. A particular article I read was by a guy who did research for 15 years and now is a science writer. I am sure he is a PhD. If he had a secure position or tenure, he might still be research. Maybe he is just one iota not as good at research as others. Maybe he is unlucky or not connected. Maybe it was a life work balance. Whatever. I thank god that someone with an actual science degree is explaining or describing things to make them accessible to people who do not have PhDs in that particular field. I consider them golden.

Is Mr. Thompson golden. Does he have a degree in epidemiology. Having that standard to write about every field or 100% of the time is entirely unreasonable. Still the fact that Mr. Thompson has little skill in constructing graphs, analyzing data or generally thinking along those lines is disheartening to say the least.

But why should Mr. Thompson listen to me. He has hit the big time. He writes for magazine that is over 160 years old, which by American terms is ancient. So ancient, it is almost legendary and just short of mythological. When they mention the Merovingen in The Matrix Series audiences were supposed ooh and ah. they didn't exactly know the history of the Merovingen kings or that they were kings, but they heard of the word and new it was form times long past. The Atlantic is like that on the American scene. Articles published by The Atlantic come with a certain imprimatur. SO MR Thomnpson has hit the big time. Why should he listen to me.

Why should any STEM, psychology, sociology, or business major listen to Mr. Thompson when he cannot get his bins or buckets right?

Why 65? Why people below 65 and those about 65?

Why no 50?

Or 70?

If someone uses 2 bins for a bar chart, verbal or visual, the first thing you want to do is throw them out of the classroom and tell them never to come back.

Jesus Effing Christ!

Anonymous said...

Using Histograms - Amazon QuickSight

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A new histogram initially displays ten bins (also called buckets) across the X-axis. These appear as bars on the chart. You can customize the bins to suit your dataset. ... A bar chart compares the values in one field, grouped by dimension. A histogram sorts values into bins that represent a range of values, for example 1-10, 10-20, and so ...