Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Kremlin Warns The U.S. Not To Launch Cyberstrikes On Russia

Cyber defense operations using ArcSight at the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, US, June 25, 2014. Picture taken June 25, 2014. © David Vergun/US Army Services/Handout via REUTERS 

The hackers in last year’s sweeping attack on U.S. federal servers did not destroy anything, analysts say. That could change if the Biden administration escalates conflict with Moscow. 

RUSSIA ON TUESDAY warned against pending action that U.S. officials say will take place in retaliation for the massive and ongoing hack into federal computer servers despite the potential for a devastating cyberwar. 

"This is nothing more than international cybercrime," Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin, told reporters Tuesday morning, according to a translation of his remarks. 

He spoke in response to a series of claims from U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and FBI Director Christopher Wray, that they are considering harsh punishments on Russia for the attack, including overt sanctions and some form of covert salvos in the cyber realm. 

Wray hinted at the action in testimony before Congress this month, saying the U.S. was preparing cyber "joint sequenced operations." 

WNU Editor: If this US cyberstrike causes damage, to me it is a given that the Kremlin will respond. the bigger danger is that this could quickly escalate out of control. 

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Anonymous said...

Orange Man Bad is no longer in control.

Nether is Joe "Who is my Defense Secretary" Biden.

So we do not know, who is in control.

Is it

Ron Klain?

The Movie Star

The Millionaire

The prostitute?




Token Austin?

A committee?

Clearly we will cyber attack you and we are telling you ahead of time is a policy designed by committee, a not so intelligent committee. But they had have degrees worthy of The Strawman!

Stephen Davenport said...

Same old russian game, deny they did one on us and threaten us if we do.

Jeffsmith said...

They better hope they never push the USA too far. We are the rulers of the internet and everyone knows it. I am sure we could crush anybody with a cyber attack if we showed our cards.

Blackdog said...

Not a warmonger. But enough is enough. Let’s go ahead and duke it all out. In the end we’ll know what needs to be fixed. And I think we can afford it. Not so much Russia. China probably can.

Anonymous said...

If they are certain it is Russia, they should have hit back and not publicized it. That they have to announce tells me that they are more concerned with power than protecting the people.

A cyber attack that took out a dam is the same as a kinetic attack that takes out a dam. It demands war. A cyber attack that causes a large region of to have a black out and the pipes bursts in homes and this would the same, if a dam was gone, that too is an act of war.

Do I believe the media, the software sleuths and the government? The Russia Hoax did not help their case. It hurt it. Also not all cyber security companies are to be believed. Some are quire partisan and quite politically connected.

I am not sure it was the Russians I have 5, 10 maybe even 15% or more thought it could be the Chinese and not the Russians.

Again if it is the Russians, hit back and do not announce it.

I have no faith in oatmeal for brains Biden.

I have not faith in "fuck my way into a prosecutors job" Harris.

I have no faith in I got SecDef because "I am black!" job Austin. He signed off on this nonsense?

Anonymous said...

If Sec Def and boots go through with this it might be worth it to do that anal swab thing.