Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Taliban's Use Of Thermal Scopes By Their Snipers Is Tilting The Afghan War In Their Favor

This Tweet shows thermal optics scopes manufactured by US-based ATN and China-based Longot that were seized from the Taliban by the Afghan army. © © ANA 

The black-and-white videos show ghostly images of men in combat gear sheltering behind ruined walls in the crosshairs of Taliban snipers, who under cover of darkness pick them off one by one. While the Taliban have been known to use thermal-imaging technology for night-time combat for years, the Afghan insurgents are increasingly publishing sniper videos online as part of an apparent propaganda effort. An investigation by the France 24 Observers shows that most of the videos feature thermal scopes that are commercially available for civilian use. 

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WNU Editor: This makes you wonder if the Taliban are better armed than the Afghan Army on the battlefield.


Anonymous said...

The Taliban win because they have the desire and resulting will to win

That's why they innovate

What innovation has the Afghan army done?I can think of none, except how to run away more quickly.

Caecus said...

they are probably better armed than the Afghan army because they looted all the US provided gear