Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Trust In Technology Companies Fell All Around The World Last Year

Exclusive: Trust in tech craters 

Trust in tech — including companies specializing in AI, VR, 5G and the internet of things — fell all around the world last year, the Edelman Trust Barometer found in a massive survey of 31,000 people in 27 countries. 

Driving the news: The study, provided first to Axios, is a special tech edition of data collected for the annual Trust Barometer. All-time lows, going back to comparable Edelman polling in 2012, were hit in 17 of 27 countries, including the U.S., U.K., France, China, Japan, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico. 

Why it matters: High public esteem has helped protect the tech industry from critics and regulators, but that shield is weakening. 

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WNU Editor: While trust in tech companies in falling around the world, a lot of people still trust these companies. In my case I did not only trust these companies but I also openly supported them. That all changed when this happened .... It Appears That Google Has A Black List Of Conservative Sites (War News Updates Is On The List) (July 22, 2020). I now want to see them broken up.


Anonymous said...

WNU same here, I couldn't be found on Google for more than a year. I just disappeared, costing me the incalculable. Of course no answer from Google. It just "happens".. maybe because I was writing about AI and them. Either waaaaay.. Google scks BIG time and time to break up these liars, dividers and thugs. Live in Europe and America certainly got worse. Have you googled "white people"lately? Look at the results.

Google is nor our friend.
They're globalists.
They kick the little man.
They propagate racial division.
They helped the Democrats steal the last election.
They're awfully leftist tilted, ie a partisan multibillion dollar company that sways elections.

I say dismantle them and sell their parts all over the world. They're evil.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the Connecticut Empty Headed Warbler sung nary a peep?

Anonymous said...

People who post hateful comments online are characterized by high levels of psychopathy

Anonymous said...

2018 Winter Olympic Games is not representative of political commentary.

Your posted link is interesting in light of your name calling. Do you remember how many times you have called people girlie boys, misfits, having Bad DANA or that their mother working at bus stop?

Minor observations it that the article is from 2 days ago. It makes person wonder how much the song bird s like Lucy Whitmore, Henry's love interest, or Joe Biden. Most people have memory of recent event going back of two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We those polled in 27 countries mostly Republicans or Trump voters? It would explain the chart and I could find rubes to believe it.

Crusader said...

More and more often (as in, every day) I hear either friends, workmates, neighbours or parents of my kids talk about how they all (to paraphrase) think that social media is evil.

But we all got seduced by it at one point or the other. Myself included.

Social media has the acute ability to turn even the most normal person into a fundamentalist of some kind (be that religion, sport, lack of car park space in a mall, or even their love of cupcakes).

Facebook is a gun at its head with the new Apple OS coming out soon. Only then will we see change.