Thursday, March 4, 2021

Will President Biden Give A Formal News Conference?


 * Biden is yet to hold a press conference in the six weeks since taking office 
 * Obama held one 20 days after he was inaugurated and Trump after 27 
 * On Wednesday he said he was open to taking questions from House Democrats 
 * As soon as he said he was ready for a Q&A, the White House feed was cut 
 * Kayleigh McEnany, Trump's press secretary, asked Tuesday: 'Where's Joe?'
 * Jen Psaki said: 'We look forward to holding a full formal press conference' 

Joe Biden was set to take questions from Democrat members of the House on Wednesday, when the White House inexplicably cut the feed of the live event. 

Biden, 78, is yet to hold a formal press conference since taking office six weeks ago, on January 20. 

The president's lack of press conferences is an obvious juxtaposition to Donald Trump – who basked in his time in front of the cameras and press. 

When he wasn’t holding formal press conferences, the former president would spend a lengthy amount of time speaking to reporters before departing for trips on the South Lawn. 

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WNU Editor: To say the above video is strange is an understatement. The contrast between President Trump and President Biden is night and day.

I am also wondering if President Biden will give his "State Of The Union" speech. There is still no definite date on when this will happen. 


Anonymous said...

Usually new president do not give SOTU in the 1st year of their 1st term.

Still since the human autopen has signed so many EO's and is of the opinion that he knows what the right policies are and how things are, maybe Joe should give a SOTU.

Still the point is a very good one. Joe is demented and everyone knows it. Since the disease is progressive, he is only going to get worse and it is going to be more apparent.

Are they going to make the 2022 SOTU virtual due to new strains of COVID? How many retakes will the put up with?

If they cannot fob off a virtual 2022 SOTU, my guess is that Dementia Joe will unfortunately suffer a stroke and some mob doctor will lie about it. Due to the unfortunate event Dementia Joe will retire and Caligula, the 1st female Asian, Black, left handed, handicapped, mentally challenged, red head step child, trans female lesbian once removed, will be inaugurated.

Or they can use Arnold Schwarzennegger as a body double and the faithful will buy it.

Maybe they will use a deep fake and Joe will keep reigning from his Golden Throne?

Anonymous said...

Watching the video tells me joe's right hand is a bit overweight or his arm worn out judging how rapidly it went for the support of that desk.

Anonymous said...

Trump told how many lies at press conferences? that was useful for the cult that follows him. Most wonder why Trump did not get into office again today.

Anonymous said...

Still believing the MSM fact checks written by 19 year old college students. Poor, poor 1:53.

Dementia Joe when he wasn't experiencing the Sundowner effect lied when he said there was no distribution plan for COVIDS vaccines.

Little focker joe never explained how he got his COVID shot in December, when there was no plan or how 1 million plus people were getting vaccinated per day before he took office, when there was no plan.

1:53 you and Joe should get married. You both lie as much.

RussInSoCal said...

*Resident Joe is mentally incapable of holding a full, formal press conference. He is mentally incapable of delivering a cogent SOTU.

Biden is an illegitimate president installed into office by a fraudulent, rigged election. And if you’re stupid enough to still believe Biden received 81 million votes, I’ve gotta four-year, fake Russian collusion scandal to sell you.



Anonymous said...

prove it!
Who opened the electoral count records? Pence
who won pop vote: Biden
who consistently lost in court when votes challenged? trump
who believes the bullshit that Trump spouts about the election? Russ the loser

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter, don't believe you.

Anonymous said...

DD-214 liar

Anonymous said...

Fox News' scrappy reporter grills Biden, who doesn't mind

Anonymous said...

At 5:28 Philotectes is down to linking headlines sans comment. He or she cannot seem to form their own words. They are nothing but a walking, talking TPM.

I also notice Philotectes doesn't usually reply after 1800 anymore. Sundown effect?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nobody's Tax Returns are Confidential Anymore

Above is a link to an article written by a Jewish guy 120 IQ points smarter than Philotectes, if you spotted Philotectes 120 points.

The author of the Linked worked for the IRS as a lawyer and knows the system.

Philotectes does not seem to know very much of anything.