Monday, April 12, 2021

Report: Natanz Nuclear Plant Attack ‘Will Set Back Iran’s Programme By Nine Months’


The Guardian: Natanz nuclear plant attack ‘will set back Iran’s programme by nine months’ 

US intelligence sources believe Israel was behind Saturday’s cyber-attack on heavily guarded facility 

The cyber-attack on the heavily guarded Natanz plant in Iran will set back Tehran’s nuclear programme by nine months, US intelligence sources have claimed. 

Iran’s foreign ministry has blamed Israel for the attack, and although Israel has not confirmed responsibility its officials have done little to dispel the notion. 

US intelligence sources told the New York Times the attack on Saturday led to an explosion that destroyed the independently protected power supply to advanced centrifuges that create enriched uranium, and that it could take at least nine months to restore production. 

The sources said they believed Israel was responsible. 

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More News On Sunday's Natanz Nuclear Plant Attack 

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Dave Goldstein said...

Thats too bad. No nukes for Iran for 9 whole months. 10 big blues should do it for a lot longer