Monday, April 12, 2021

Satellite Photos Shows Iranian Ship In The Red Sea Hasn’t Moved Since Alleged Israeli Strike

Iranian ship the Saviz in the Red Sea on April 11, 2021. (ImageSat International)  

Times of Israel: Satellite photo shows Iranian ship hasn’t moved since alleged Israeli hit  

Image shows the MV Saviz, alleged control center for Revolutionary Guard forces, has remained stationary since it was apparently damaged in a blast, which Tehran blames on Israel 

A private Israeli intelligence firm released a satellite photograph on Sunday of an Iranian ship said to have been hit by Israel last week, showing that the vessel has not moved since the alleged attack and remains anchored in the Red Sea, between Yemen and Eritrea. 

The picture released by ImageSat International appeared to show the MV Saviz, the Iranian cargo ship said to serve as a floating base for Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard forces off the coast of Yemen that was struck by an explosion last Tuesday, likely from a limpet mine.  

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WNU Editor: The Israeli government is not happy that what happened to this Iranian ship was leaked to the public .... Amid leaks, Gantz orders probe into ‘chatter’ on alleged Israeli strikes on Iran (Times of Israel). More here .... After Mossad report, Gantz calls for investigation into security leaks (Jerusalem Post).


Anonymous said...

Israel not happy about the leaked report? satellites now
see all things everywhere.

Anonymous said...

The satellite doesn't name anyone.

Anonymous said...

I hope the water intakes were hit so they have no potable water. It'll be a big drag on their logistics and they might get rank enough to start catfighting like bunch of girls.

They should attach a few more limpet mines now and again. Make maintenance costly until all they want to do is turn it into a reef.