Sunday, May 16, 2021

Tweets Of The Day

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Anonymous said...

"It came from a food market!!" -- CCP

"Shut up or we will drown you in the mighty WAVES of the corona virus"-- Chinese state media around February/ march 2020

"Don't call it Wuhan virus you racist"--CNN, WASHINGTON POST, NEW YORK TIMES, CBS NEWS, NBC NEWS, NPR, 2020-2021

Death to all
Public hangings

Millions dead
Billions traumatized
Trillions economic damages

Worse than WW2 in terms of economic damages. Far worse.

And we haven't even seen the end of it.

And Fauci. The ghoulish monster. Still alive. Still on the BIGGEST public payroll, even higher than the US president. Ever wondered why such an incompetent man who'd wrong so often in his career earns more than you, while getting away with manslaughter of thousands like Cuomo?


You tolerate monsters among you. Hence you get hell on earth.

Death to all involved in this largest crime and coverup against humanity.

And don't forget the parent companies financing this onslaught of deadly lies on you.

Times Warner

THEY own and profiteer of the ghoulish machine called CNN

AMAZON Jeff Bezos is the man behind the lie and war monger deep state machine called Washington post.

How many lives destroyed by them?

They walk freely.
Among us.
Pretending to be humans.

These ghouls.