Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Is Steak About To Become A Luxury?

Bloomberg: Steaks Could Soon Become Champagne-Like Luxury 

(Bloomberg) -- The boss of Europe’s top meat processor said beef will become a luxury like champagne because of the climate impact of producing it. 

“Beef is not going to be super climate friendly,” Danish Crown Chief Executive Officer Jais Valeur said in an interview with Danish newspaper Berlingske. “It will be a luxury product that we eat when we want to treat ourselves.” 

Valeur said pork would be a more climate-friendly protein. Danish Crown is one of Europe’s largest pork producers, although it is also a player in the beef market. 

Meat companies are coming under pressure to curb greenhouse gases, with 57% of all food industry emissions coming from making animal products, according to one study. Tackling methane emissions from livestock is one of the most critical climate challenges for producers. 

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WNU Editor: Will a majority of the electorate accept this type of government policy and regulation to be implemented? I think not.


Anonymous said...

Wnu you're so far behind

Yes, the plan is to make it a luxury

And no, not out of compassion or to save the world, as they want you to believe BUT to create a neofeudalist system

Instead of raising everyone up, they figure it's much much easier to no longer have a strong middle class that's healthy and asks questions and holds them accountable for their crimes, but they want poor people, barely surviving, fighting for brownie points with the party in hopes to get meat

If you haven't figured this out, this most important societal change, especially with your background and family history, may I suggest to start reading up on what's really going on in the world?

Maybe replace a few of your sources with people who don't sell you shit for you to then propagate like Fred.

Actual dig and see what's going on.

The meat is just a side issue. It's much deeper and wider.

Anonymous said...

Mr A is fully knowledgeable and knows what "they" are up to and so he reads the right things etc not like "Fred" because Mr I Know It All knows what Fred reads but much prefers...oh, he will not tell us. Then Mr. Knowsofucking much, did you know this?

Lebanese Journalist Hizbullah Continues To Turn Lebanon Into A 'Narco State,' Now Using West Africa...

Of course not. He reads anti-vegan stuff and wallows in beef fat

Anonymous said...

They just can't stop fkng with us, can they? Must be like a drug for them. If it's this bad now, imagine when there's an actual global government calling the shots, telling people what's best for them and what they will and won't do. Meanwhile, the libfreak idiot voters keep slurping up that vomit and yelling for more.

Anonymous said...

the electorate are pussies, and they will do as they are told. They are the democrats

Anonymous said...

It's the typical move of dictatorships, totalitarian systems including communism

Artificially create shortages to then control who gets them, enforcing obedience and creating self censorship among dissenters

Don't you see?
You let communists consult the braindead Biden presidency. Since then the world is in freefall. Stop this shit over there, you're hurting my country too!

Adam said...

I agree with the editor. I still believe there is a "silent majority" of people who will reject this hyper progressive bullshit. I'm not so sure about Europe though Unfortunately I don't think that majority is as large as it once was.