Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Leaked US Border Patrol Documents Show Mass Release Of Illegal Immigrants By The Biden Administration

Source: Townhall Media/Julio Rosas  

Daily Mail: Biden administration has released more than 160,000 migrants into the US - including 30,000 under on ‘parole’ - with limited supervision since March, leaked border document shows 

* The leaked Border Patrol figures include data from March and August until now 

* Parole gives migrants temporary protected status and work permissions 

* Since August 6 the government released more than 70,000 migrants into the US 

* From March roughly 95,000 people were let into the US with notices to appear 

* It means they don't have to check in with ICE until they arrive at their destination 

 * The memo leak comes against the backdrop of a record-setting border crisis 

* More than 1.7M people were encountered at the southwest border in FY2021 

More than 160,000 migrants have been released into the United States by the Biden administration since March, a leaked document revealed on Wednesday, even as the White House is fighting to keep a Trump-era asylum-seeker expulsion policy in place in the name of COVID safety. 

Roughly 32,000 of those migrants were released into the interior on parole, which would allow them to legally apply for work permits, according to data obtained by Fox.  

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WNU Editor: These numbers are staggering. And you just know that this is the tip of the iceberg.

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Anonymous said...

2.5 to 3 million just this year

A total of about 15-25 million illegal immigrants now

Just when do you recognize what it is: a displacement strategy

They do not want to answer for their prior crimes

They do not want a strong middle class that asks questions

They want obedience
The Democrats are a party full of traitors. Not all, but it's rotten through and through.

And you must deal with this treason.
You cannot ignore it and pretend it's business as usual

They try to exterminate you and your family.
They want obedience, a class of slaves

And it'll end as all if these stories end. With their heads in a noose. They are guilty, so guilty of crimes you and I cannot even phantom.

It must end and it will end.
We will do it legally. Morally. But they need to be punished and severely and publicly so everyone understands THIS IS OVER


You crossed the line, spat in our faces and then told us it's raining.

Fck off.
A shallow grave for traitors like you is all you get. And that's more than you deserve and more than you had in plan for us.

Anonymous said...

Yep, another 160,000 future Democrat voters. All part of the globalist program to turn the US from what it once was into yet another socially fractured, third-world shit hole. Glad I'm too old to be around (or at least for long) when they finally succeed.

Anonymous said...

White English-speaking America is doomed, just like Canada is and Europe too. Oh dear.

Adam said...

Literally changing the demographics of this nation. Unbelievable.