Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Should Americans Rant About Short-Staffed Stores And Supply Chain Woes?

WNU Editor: The above tweet reminds me of an experience that my father told me that he had during the Ukraine famine of 1932-1933 .... a famine where millions died from starvation. 

He was 11 at the time, and everyone in the classroom was hungry. But at the start of every school day, they all had to stand up and give thanks and praise to Stalin for all the food and health that he was giving to them and to their families. 

This message was also reinforced in all the news broadcasts and newspapers.

Sighhh ....

The people, time, society, and location may be different, but the messaging from the government is always the same.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like they crash the economy on purpose for

a) power (those who control scare supplied, like bread, they control the law and vote audits, and any other questions or concerns you have) - a typical move by authoritarians before formalizing the power grab

b) we all know of the massive corruption and financial fraud from Biden to Pelosi - all got rich through investment loopholes (especially Pelosi) that are illegal for you and me, but they get to benefit. Pelosi made 120million. Soon a billionaire. At what point exactly, will you wake up and realize what is going on? They crash your financial system to eradicate any evidence and traces where all the money went and then blame it on the unvaccinated. NOT THEIR CORRUPTION. They will blame you, your neighbour. Not the trillions and trillions lost in unjust and immorale war. No no. YOU DID IT. Not them. You.

Except of course you reject this filth, this obvious attack on your state, your history and your nation.

It is treason what they do. Pure and simple.
If you steal and scheme so much, it is no longer a white collar crime, you destroy hospitals and life saving medicines by being so corrupt. You deny schools being built, you put more and more debt on the next generation until it all breaks and then your corruption causes the implosion of your nation state, global war and more and more death.

So it is not just the millions and millions each one of them made through open and declared corruption, its not about the billions (adjusted for inflation) they get later on.. it's about the treason of your nations' values and security and health and prosperity.

That's why I all for capital punishment.
They deserve it.

And they know it.
So they will try to kill and destroy as many of us and the previous ecnonomy, as possible.

In Klaus Schwab's own writings: we want to capture and take hostage nation states, to then destroy them from within (trough corruption and delegitimization) and to then offer the hungry masses a new system. The great reset.

And it will not be a "Pretty please" if you want to live under this system... no no.. they are building camps already, bashing in heads, denying life saving treatments ALREADY.. and the media and many people find all sorts of excuses.. just like Nazis.. exactly like them.