Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Germany Now Considering A Full Covid Lockdown And Mandatory Vaccines


CNBC: Germany considers a full Covid lockdown and mandatory vaccines 

* Germany is set to decide on tougher Covid restrictions on Wednesday. 

* Officials have been considering more Covid rules and even a full or partial lockdown. 

* Germany is seeing a record daily number of Covid cases and mounting pressure on hospitals as the delta variant takes hold. 

* Outgoing Health Minister Jens Spahn has already issued a dire warning to Germans this week. 

Germany is set to decide on tougher Covid-19 restrictions and could even opt for a full lockdown amid record daily infections and mounting pressure on hospitals. 

Olaf Scholz, Germany’s chancellor-designate, said Wednesday that the Covid situation was serious and that the country would massively push its vaccination campaign, noting that “vaccination is the way out of this pandemic.”  

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Update: Germany's New Leaders Shockingly Reject Merkel's Request For 2-Week Covid Lockdown (Zero Hedge) 

Germany Now Considering A Full Covid Lockdown And Mandatory Vaccines  

Germany mulls full lockdown, vaccine mandate -- The Hill  

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Full lockdown in Germany? Tough decision expected as COVID-19 cases spike -- DNA


Anonymous said...

You realise the vaccines align perfectly with increases in covid deaths?

Deaths are up since they rolled out the vaccines. It's obviously not what they tell you it is.

Resist evil
Resist totalitarianism and the programming

Anonymous said...

your point: those with the vaccine die. those who don't vaccinate live
good medical rthinking

Anonymous said...

Why do deaths go up after vaccination?
Why all the lies about the PCR test used to produce the case demic and talk you into accepting vaccines?
Why the lies about ivermectin so you take the "vaccines"instead?
Why all these people dropping dead from the vaccines? Why all the heart issues after vaccination?

Big questions.

Anonymous said...

Can't keep the NAZI's out of the Germans........give them a chance they'll be goose stepping to the covid camps.

Anonymous said...

That's what the camps are for.

Germany is doomed if they force vaccinate.
And based on what? Terribly shaky data, money, corruption..

It's bad. The government loses legitimacy quick and then it'll be trialled. No one, no man, no woman, no protected class will escape those trials

Best not to associate with these fanatics, they'll be executed just like back in Nuremberg

Anonymous said...

Fight u fools fight like sharks

Anonymous said...

No one is fighting
We will trial them as others pointed out

We have laws for that and they're violating them and their evidence is blacked out

So they are like "trust us while we end society and install us as emperors"

And our response is this:
How tall are you and what's your weight?

So we get the bit after the trials right.

It's coming