Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Germany's SPD, FDP and Greens Agree To A Coalition Deal To Make Olaf Scholz Chancellor


DW: Germany's SPD, FDP and Greens unveil governing coalition deal 

Germany's Social Democrats, Greens and Free Democrats have concluded coalition talks, the parties say. This means the country will likely have a new government well before Christmas. 

The three parties planning to form a government in Germany announced at a press conference Wednesday in Berlin that they have finalized a deal on a governing coalition. 

The deal comes after 21 representatives of the three parties — the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), the environmentalist Greens and the business-focused Free Democrats (FDP) — met for the concluding negotiations earlier in the day.  

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WNU Editor: The new coalition is promising a progressive agenda .... Germany: Post-Merkel coalition promises progressive agenda (DW). This is who is in the new cabinet .... Petrolhead, novelist, trampolinist for post-Merkel cabinet (France 24). 


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Jeffsmith said...

Sounds like a across the board coalition. I kinda wish our government worked like that sometimes. Seems more fluid and balanced. In the USA it's either black or white, no Grey's.

Anonymous said...

Historically this type of government is tried just before societal breakdown and explosion.

Anonymous said...

When you view policies as Left or Right on a one dimensional "number" line, you are bound to utter stupid things like black or white and shades of grey.

It is about as stupid as the much overused pendulum analogy.

Jeffsmith said...

Man it's like trying to talk to aliens anymore. No comprehension. No thoughts just garbage. Not sure what we do about that.😖

Anonymous said...

You could talk in terms of a Political Compass or Inglehart–Welzel cultural map or some other political map besides left or right black or white.

We could talk but Keynesian policies or other policies and when to use them or when not to.