Wednesday, December 1, 2021

iran Nuclear Talks On Shaky Ground Over Reports That Iran Is Preparing To Enrich Weapons-Grade Uranium

Negotiators meeting in Vienna on Tuesday for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or Iran nuclear deal. Photograph: Xinhua/Rex/Shutterstock  

Politico: Iran nuclear talks wobble amid enrichment concerns  

Just as negotiators returned to the table, there are worries the talks could run around over Iran’s potential nuclear advancements. 

VIENNA — It took five months for the Iran nuclear talks to resume. They may already be in trouble. 

Senior diplomats from Britain, France and Germany are warning that the resurrected negotiations over getting the U.S. and Iran back into an agreement to curb Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief are facing a make-or-break moment. At issue is a media report from Axios saying Israel is warning others that Iran is moving to possibly create weapons-grade uranium. 

If true, said the diplomats from the so-called E3 countries, the talks could collapse. 

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Update: Iran preparing to enrich uranium, nuclear deal talks in Vienna told (The Guardian).  

WNU Editor: If this report is true, these talks are over .... Scoop: Iran preparing to enrich weapons-grade uranium, Israel warns U.S. (Axios). Not surprising. Iran is accusing Israel of sabotaging these talks .... Iran accuses Israel of lying in order to ‘poison’ Vienna nuclear talks (Times of Israel).


JohnWayne said...

After the Gaddafi ordeal, can you really blame any countries leadership for wanting nukes as a deterent. The sewing has been done.

Anonymous said...

After what Russia did to Ukraine, can you really blame any countries leadership for wanting nukes as a deterrent?

In 1991 Ukraine voted for independence. At Russian insistence they gave the nukes to Russia in 1994. TEN YEARS later Russia invaded Crimea and Eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Most tactical nuclear weapons were transferred from Ukraine to Russia.

That John Wayne is a real smart cookie. I did not know he was still alive, LOL!

Anonymous said...

John Wayne has a fair point. As a sponsor of terrorism the US had a long running feud with Gaddafi. The hatchet was buried under the Bush administration.

Obama BROKE the DEAL.

It would be fair to say that under Team D, the US will invade. There were protest in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Libya and elsewhere.

- Notice how chucklehead chose to invade Libya but not Iran.

- Notice how chucklehead favored a Muslim general, who had launched a successful coup against the Nigerian government and ruled as a dictator over an elected African Christian President.

"Buhari is a retired Nigerian Army Major General and has served as military head of state in Nigeria between 1983 to 1985, after taking power in a military coup d'├ętat."

- Notice how chucklehead favored the Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt.

- Notice how chucklehead dragged his feet on listing Boko Haram as a terrorist group.

- Notice how Obama sucked up to the Ayatollahs of Iran but not the people during the Persian Spring protests.

Yes, it is Obama's 3rd term. People & countries should be worried.