Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Syria Says Israeli Warplanes Hit Latakia Port

Middle East Eye: Syria: Latakia port hit by 'Israeli air strikes' for first time since 2011 

UK-based activist group reports 'huge material losses' but says there were no immediate reports of casualties 

An Israeli air strike hit a shipment of Iranian weapons in the Syrian port of Latakia on Tuesday, in the first such attack on the key facility, according to a UK-based activist group. 

The Israeli raid "directly targeted an Iranian weapons shipment in the container yard," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. 

Syrian state media reported the strike on the container yard at Latakia port without specifying what was targeted.  

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WNU Editor: Israeli PM Bennett is not saying that Israel is responsiible for this missile strike. But he is admitting it .... Bennett after Latakia strike: We’re fighting off forces of evil (Jerusalem Post).  

Update: I am willing to bet that the reason why Lavrov is going to Israel is to issue a stern warning to avoid Russia's assets in Syria .... Russian FM headed to Israel after Latakia strike (Jerusalem Post). 

Syria Says Israeli Warplanes Hit Latakia Port  

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Anonymous said...

All that hate against Netanyahu. People in Israel and the US hoped with him out that the next Israeli PM would be a squish. There is fighting against Hezbollah and Iran with Netanyahu or Bennett, but somehow with Netanyahu it was "Orangeman Bad". It is like Mark Twain said. Too many people are tribal. They cannot think.