Friday, January 21, 2022

Millions Of Americans Are Currently Sick From The Omicron Variant


Daily Mail: America's big sick-out: Record 8.8MILLION workers called out with COVID in first two weeks of 2022 - as new jobless claims increase to their highest level since July 

* New Census data shows 8.8 million called out sick from Dec. 29 to Jan. 10 

* It is nearly three times the number in early December, before Omicron struck 

* It's unclear how many were truly sick versus forced to isolate under protocols 

* Meanwhile new jobless claims rose by 55,000 to 286,000 for last week 

* It is the highest level since mid-July as Omicron drives new rounds of layoffs 

Nearly 9 million people called out sick with COVID-19 in the early part of January, a staggering number and a blow to businesses already grappling with a labor shortage. 

The Census Bureau's Household Pulse Survey released Wednesday showed 8.8 million people reported not being at work because of coronavirus-related reasons between December 29 and January 10. 

That was well up from the 3 million who called out sick from December 1 to December 13, before the Omicron wave struck. 

It wasn't clear from the survey how many of the workers were ill with symptoms, or isolating due to close contacts or positive tests.  

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WNU Editor: While there are signs that the current Covid wave is peaking .... Overall cases plunge by ONE-THIRD in US in last 24 hours as only 15 states have had daily Covid cases jump by 100% or more over the past two weeks (Daily Mail), the case and death count is now far exceeding the numbers from last year (see below):  


851,784 JAN 19 2022 

186,944 JAN 19 2021  


3,376 JAN 19 2022 

2,771 JAN 19 2021


Anonymous said...

who is dying where and how many of the dying are vaccinated or unvaccinated? that is more telling than overall number of deaths.

Anonymous said...

who is dying waah waaah waaah?

Are you serious? I think you are trolling.

You haven't been following the news ins systemic way or maybe you have and it it just consists of liberal rags. Truth be told I think your news gathering is as lazy, dissolute and dishonest as your prose.

Or maybe you are trolling for some government or organization.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I lived through a pandemic as a child. It killed 4,000 to 6,000 children in a space of a year or two. We got shot every few months. My mother had an interesting observation about the disease vectors.

Anyways I see Fred is just as sick as Psaki, He is willing to go down with the boat pissing and moaning and lying.

The European health agencies are warning about getting too many shots. Seems to be a limit to what the body can take, but I would not expect Fred to understand. He was given a sheet of music and he is going to sing it. He is a loyal party man. Not too bright but loyal.