Friday, January 21, 2022

No Breakthrough In U.S. - Russia Talks On Ukraine And Security Guarantees. Will Return To Talks Next Week


Daily Mail: Russia must choose between 'path of diplomacy' and path of 'conflict and condemnation' in Ukraine, US says following talks in Geneva, after Moscow accused NATO of stirring up invasion 'hysteria' 

* US Secretary of State and Russian foreign minister met in Geneva for crunch talks over Ukraine crisis today 

* Blinken said Russia has to choose between path of diplomacy or conflict, and US 'will meet it on either path' 

* He said there is 'no room' to negotiate Ukraine's future, after Russian demanded a ban on NATO membership 

* Lavrov accused NATO of 'working against' Russia and stirring up 'hysteria' about invasion of Ukraine 

* He denied the Moscow is planning to attack, and instead raised 'concerns' about weapons supplied to Kiev 

Russia must choose between the 'path of diplomacy' or the 'path of conflict and condemnation' in Ukraine, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned today after meeting with Moscow's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov. 

Mr Blinken insisted the US and Europe 'stand ready to meet Russia on either path' after crunch talks aimed at avoiding war in eastern Europe, saying it is now up to Vladimir Putin to prove he does not intend to invade Ukraine after massing 100,000 troops on the border and issuing a list of demands. 

'If Russia wants to begin to convince the world that it has no aggressive intent toward Ukraine, a very good place to start would be by de-escalating, by removing those forces on Ukraine's border,' he said.  

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WNU Editor: This is the Kremlin's view on the conclusion of these talks .... Lavrov reveals outcome of security talks with Blinken (RT). There is some optimism .... Lavrov-Blinken Talks Wrap Up With Two Sides 'on Clear Path to Understanding' (Sputnik) 

No Breakthrough In U.S. - Russia Talks On Ukraine And Security Guarantees  

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Anonymous said...

Next week? It could spiral into a world war, but Blink is taking the weekend off. Did Blink take a long weekend for MLK?

On the other hand negotiating around the clock might make you look desperate and get a lousy deal.

But I think it is more that Blink is white collar, he does not do overtime or especially 3rd shift. And he doesn't do weekends.

We are lucky and honored to have such a stalwart and upright Secretary of State.