Saturday, January 22, 2022

Russian Lawmakers Push For Donbass Independence Recognition

Zero Hedge: "War May Be Necessary": Russian Lawmakers Push For Donbass Independence Recognition 

The speaker of the Russian State Duma is calling for parliamentary consultations over the question of the status of the Donbass region of Ukraine. 

In a move the West would without doubt see as a huge political provocation, there's a push among pro-Kremlin lawmakers to formally recognize the independence of the war-torn, Russian speaking region from Ukraine. 

Further, such an action would likely trigger the biggest flare-up in fighting since 2014 and 2015. 

Reuters reports additionally that "Russian-backed separatists in east Ukraine would expect Russia's army to fight with them against Ukrainian government forces if Moscow follows through on a parliamentary proposal to recognize their independence, a pro-Kremlin lawmaker said on Thursday."  

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WNU Editor: Talk about putting gas on the fire. Recognizing the independence of the Donbass will not only escalate the war itself, but it will give encouragement to Ukrainian Russians to join the independent regions. 

There is a solution to the Ukraine crisis and that is to implement the Minsk II accord. Unfortunately, President Zelensky, even though he ran on a platform to give the Russian dominated regions in the east of the country a degree of autonomy to language and culture, has decided to ignore his promises and a way out of this conflict.


Anonymous said...

Minsk had 5 signatories.

1) Russia
2) Belarus (Lukashenko Russian stooge)
3) Angela Merkel (Grew up communist; her eyes lit up up on meeting Putin or Obama)
4) France
5) Ukraine (beaten stepchild)

Anonymous said...

I believe the editor seems to forget that this conflict started when Putin's puppet Viktor Yanukovych was ousted.

Anonymous said...

There was a binary choice. Tilt toward the EU or tilt to Russia.

As far as trade is concerned, why is it a binary choice?

Politically speaking why join those that beat you? Russia has done a lot of beating.

Be careful said...

100%....I'm not promoting war did start with that

Anonymous said...

The position of Ukraine has been consistent - Kiev will fulfill the Minsk Accords when Russia does - when it ceases support of the rebels and allows Ukraine to regain control of its borders. Russia refuses because Putin's actual goal for Minsk is not to protect Russian speaking Ukrainians, but undermine Ukrainian sovereignty and prevent Kiev from exercising control over its own territory.

The solution to the Ukraine Crisis is for Putin to end its attempted conquest of Ukrainian lands. Until it does, it will only continue. Because even if Kiev fulfills Minsk now, Putin will only create another crisis in order to grab more of Ukraine. None of this is the root cause, it is merely pretexts. Zelensky can't fulfill his promise to end the conflict if Putin won't let him. It doesn't mean Zelensky hasn't tried.

The domestic problems of Ukraine that WNU editor mentions are all true, but he consistently refuses to assign the root cause where it belongs - to Putin. WNU provides excellent analysis in everything except Ukraine. Even in domestic Russian affairs, he tends to be balanced albeit slightly naive when it comes to Putin. But he has a huge blindspot when it comes to Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Chris seems to be consistently good.