Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Pandemic Is Worse Than Anyone Imagined

CNBC: Two years since Covid was first confirmed in U.S., the pandemic is worse than anyone imagined 

* Two years ago, the CDC confirmed the first known case of coronavirus in the U.S. 

* A 35-year-old traveler had returned from Wuhan, China to Washington state and tested positive. 

* The virus has killed more than 860,000 people in the U.S. and infected more than 69 million. 

* With the emergence of omicron, the future course of the pandemic is unclear as experts struggle to understand how new variants emerge. 

A 35-year-old man returned to the U.S. from Wuhan, China on Jan. 15, 2020 and fell ill with a cough and fever. 

He had read an alert from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about an outbreak of a novel coronavirus in Wuhan and sought treatment at an urgent care clinic in Snohomish County, Washington four days later. 

On Jan. 21, the CDC publicly confirmed he had the first known case of coronavirus in the U.S., although the agency would later find the virus had arrived on the West Coast as early as December after testing blood samples for antibodies. 

The man said he had not spent time at the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan, where a cluster of early cases were identified in December. He was admitted to isolation unit at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Wash. for observation.  

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WNU Editor: This is what the experts are predicting will happen next .... After the Omicron wave, here's what experts say could come next in 2022 (CNN).


Anonymous said...

Has the US social security system changed its mortality tables because of all the deaths of seniors? Has the estimate of time before the system runs out of money moved out?

Anonymous said...

11:00 is spot on. WNU is alarmist. Makes me think that he is a spy or alarmist, because he is elderly himself.

They dug up Eskimos around Nome, Alaska about 10 years ago. The pulled out the teeth with the gold fillings and left the bodies to rot.

No, they got permission and took tissue samples of victims of the 1918 flu. They wanted to construct what the influenza virus looked like at the time. It would interesting to see if they had samples still in the freezer so they could test for RSV or corona. Maybe the same thing could be done in Lapland, Siberia or Canada?

If lucky you could compare influenza, corona or RSV form 100 years ago to today?

What if a tissue sample from 50 years ago showed that there was a "flu" season, where delta was prevalent.

What if a tissue sample from 70 years ago showed that there was a "flu" season, where omicron was prevalent.

That stupid spike protein is going to mutate round robin or it is going to mutate itself out of existence. Suppose the virus mutates round robin 3 or 4 time in a decade. Might a person assume that it could have mutate that way in the previous 100 years? And? And people carried on as before, were fruitful and multiplied.

Anonymous said...

There are no experts on CNN. Only propagandists.

Anonymous said...

Trump "This is a flu".

Anonymous said...

It is a flu. Trump was and is right.

Fauci wants to monito influenza, Corona, RSV, Rhino and few other viruses. He is conceding when there has been a flu outbreak in the past that was bad it was not all influenza. That might be all we somewhat tested for, but there was more there.

Sometimes they kept tissue sample form victims from 1950 until now. What if they test them for RSV, adenovirus, corona? Will we have to rewrite the history of the Hong Kong flu epidemic?

1:26 flop sweat from the college miseducated.

Adam said...

Experts are predicting next...