Friday, January 21, 2022

Saudi-Led Airstrikes Kill And Wound 200 At Yemen Prison

Video image shows destruction at a prison Saada in northern Yemen after it was hit in an airstrike. Photograph: Ansarullah Media Centre/AFP  

The Guardian/AFP: Yemen: more than 200 feared dead or injured after airstrike on prison 

Hospitals overwhelmed in Saada after attack levels buildings in Houthi northern heartland 

More than 200 people are feared dead or wounded after an airstrike on a prison in Yemen, and at least three children were killed in a separate bombardment, in a dramatic escalation of the country’s long-running conflict. 

Houthi rebels released gruesome video footage on Friday showing bodies in the rubble and mangled corpses from the prison attack, which levelled buildings at the jail in their northern heartland of Saada. 

Farther south in the port town of Hodeida, the children died when airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition hit a telecommunications facility as they played nearby, Save the Children said.  

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Saudi-Led Airstrikes Kill And Wound 200 At Yemen Prison  

Yemen prison airstrike killed and injured over 100 detainees, says Red Cross -- CNBC/AP  

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Saudi-Led Airstrikes Kill Scores at Prison in Yemen, Officials Say -- New York Times  

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Anonymous said...

The strike on the prison makes no sense unless it wasn't a prison.

Anonymous said...

Good. Fewer of the b'stards left in the world.