Thursday, April 28, 2022

More Americans View China As A Threat (Poll)

PEW Reseaarch: China’s Partnership With Russia Seen as Serious Problem for the U.S.  

Americans see China as a growing superpower – and increasingly say it is the world’s leading economy 

As war rages in Ukraine – one which China thus far has refused to condemn – Americans are acutely concerned about the partnership between China and Russia. Around nine-in-ten U.S. adults say it’s at least a somewhat serious problem for the United States, and a 62% majority say it’s a very serious problem – more than say the same about any of the other six problems asked about, including China’s involvement in politics in the U.S., its policies on human rights and tensions between China and Taiwan, among others.  

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WNU Editor: Wow! In this poll 92 per cent of respondents tell the Pew Research Centre that Beijing's partnership with Moscow is a threat to the US. 

More Americans View China As A Threat (Poll)  

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