Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The U.S. Navy Wants To Decommission Its Amphibious Ships

A fiscal 2024 budget memo states the U.S. Navy’s intention to decommission the amphibious dock landing ship Pearl Harbor, which is two-thirds of the way through its expected service life. (MCSN Larissa Dougherty/U.S. Navy) 

Defense News: US Marines warn against Navy’s FY24 decommission scheme 

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy has spent more than four years repairing one of its amphibious ships, blowing past its budget by at least $99 million. Yet, the ship is still not ready to deploy. 

After pouring nearly $300 million into its repairs, the service says it would prefer to simply decommission the ship and move on. 

In fact, the Navy would like to decommission the nine other vessels in this class of amphibious dock landing ships, all of which need significant repairs. Some have more than a decade of planned service life left, but the Navy says it would rather spend its money on other capabilities than attempt to repair them. 

But the Navy isn’t the primary user of these amphibious platforms. The Marine Corps relies on these ships to carry its Marine expeditionary units, which are considered the nation’s crisis response force. But the Corps’ ability to keep forces spread across the globe and quickly react is at risk. 

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WNU Editor: There is also disagreement on what the future light amphibious ships should look like .... Marine Corps, Navy Remain Split Over Design, Number of Future Light Amphibious Warship, Divide Risks Stalling Program (USNI News). Update: Taiwan have an idea on what they want .... Taiwan’s New Amphibious Assault Ship Bristles With Anti-Air Missiles (Warzone/The Drive).

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