Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Five Cars Rented By The U.S. Secret Service Burst Into Flames After President Biden's Thanksgiving Vacation To Nantucket

Daily Mail: Five cars rented by Biden's Secret Service burst into FLAMES in Nantucket: Investigation into blaze with vehicles used by the first family 

* The vehicles that went up in flames were rented by the U.S. Secret Service during President Joe Biden's Thanksgiving vacation to Nantucket 

* Fire happened Monday in the parking lot of the Nantucket Memorial Airport – just one day after the president left the island to return to Washington, D.C. 

* The flames were just 40 feet from the airport's 25,000-gallon jet fuel tanks  

* One of the vehicles, a Ford Expedition, is under a manufacturer battery recall 

* The incident is now under investigation 

A fire near Nantucket Memorial Airport set ablaze at least five vehicles that were used by the Secret Service during President Joe Biden's Thanksgiving vacation on the wealthy Massachusetts island.

The vehicles are owned by Hertz and were just recently returned to the rental car company by USSS, according to sources who spoke with the Nantucket Current. 

The fire involving the rental cars occurred Monday – one day after Biden left Nantucket to return to the White House.  

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Update #1: Biden’s Secret Service rental vehicles burst into flames after he left Nantucket vacation (FOX News)  

Update #2: Biden’s Secret Service rental cars left charred after catching fire in Nantucket (NYPost)  

WNU Editor: One car bursting into flames is not big news. Two cars catching fire will raise my eyebrows. But 5 cars?!?!?!? Something does not add up here.


Anonymous said...

Joe Biden is bought and paid for.

Maybe it was the Chinese or Russians reminding him that he is a bought man?

Anonymous said...

Third Crypto Boss Dies in Helicopter Crash

Maybe it is nothing. Maybe it is freak accidents or suicides like those in 1929.

FTX was used as a piggy bank. what about the other crypto currency companies?

Maybe people are not happy with their cut of the proceeds?

Maybe the crypto stuff is tied up with the burning cars? Yes, that is out there.

But I never thought the occupant of the White House would make Claudius look like an IQ 200 genius.

Who did not get paid who really wanted to get paid and has the means.

Anonymous said...

Secret service getting rid of the white powder and other party evidence.