Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Ukraine War Has Created A $19 Billion Backlog In U.S. Arms To Taiwan

Washington Post: U.S. Effort to Arm Taiwan Slowed by War in Ukraine 

WASHINGTON—U.S. government and congressional officials fear the conflict in Ukraine is exacerbating a nearly $19 billion backlog of weapons bound for Taiwan, further delaying efforts to arm the island as tensions with China escalate. 

The U.S. has pumped billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February, taxing the capacity of the government and defense industry to keep up with a sudden demand to arm Kyiv in a conflict that isn’t expected to end soon. 

The flow of weapons to Ukraine is now running up against the longer-term demands of a U.S. strategy to arm Taiwan to help it defend itself against a possible invasion by China, according to congressional and government officials familiar with the matter. 

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Update #1: Taiwan has nearly US$19 billion in arms sales backlogged in US (Taiwan News)  

Update #2: There's A $19 Billion Backlog Of Weapons Bound For Taiwan (Zero Hedge)  

WNU Editor: The arms that Taiwan is waiting for are Javelins, Stinger missiles, HIMARS, and howitzers. My advice to Taiwan is that they should look elsewhere for their arms. The US is tapped out because of their commitment to Ukraine.  

Update #3: Russian media has picked up on this story .... How Did US Weapons Ordered by Taiwan Wind Up in Ukraine? (Sputnik).


Anonymous said...

"Buh-b-b-but I thought the U.S. M.I.C. was able to far outstrip its Russian counterpart in quality and quantity!!! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!?!

I better go hijack some comment threads at WNU to make sure that those hateful little “citizens” don't catch on. I'll call them names."
--Troller Scrotum, wnu mosquito

Anonymous said...

By the media it is in backlog but the truth is Taiwan are receiving it on time

Anonymous said...

Yes Slava Ukrainia nuke Russia now. Death to pootin. Did i miss anything?
oh ya

Long live the lbgt xzt Ukrainian government and our degenerate ( i mean virtuous) supporters in the west. ANTIFA BLM CRT forever

Anonymous said...

It's all one big pool of spending in the name of "democracy." Once Ukraine is lost it's not like Washington is going to cancel the orders for the equipment to be delivered to Ukraine in 2024/2025.