Sunday, November 27, 2022

Turkey, Iran, And Russia Now See The Kurds As Proxies For The US

Jerusalem Post: Iran and Turkey share common interests in their targeting of Kurds - analysis 

Iran and Turkey are both threatening invasions of areas where Kurdish people live in Iraq and Syria. 

Iran and Turkey are both threatening invasions of areas occupied by Kurds living in Iraq and Syria. Turkey has already sent forces into parts of northern Iraq over the years, and today occupies several Kurdish areas of Syria, while Iran has been carrying out drone and missile attacks on Kurdish opposition groups that have camps in Iraq. 

However, both authoritarian regimes have now increased threats to launch new ground incursions that could cause thousands to be displaced. 

Are Iran and Turkey coordinating their efforts to destabilize Syria and Iraq? While Iran and Turkey sometimes appear to be on different sides of conflicts in the region, they share some common interests. They both have regimes dominated by far-right religious parties: In Iran’s case, a theocratic regime that dates back to 1979, and in Turkey, the AKP Party that rose to power in the early 2000s. 

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WNU Editor: Turkey, Iran, and Russia now see the Kurds as proxies for the US. It looks like US policy to have leverage against countries like Iran, Syria, and Iraq by using the Kurds is about to blow-up. And the big losers will be the Kurds. 

This is unfortunate. Over the years Moscow has repeatedly told the Kurds to do a deal with Damascus. But because of US pressure and promises of support, the Kurds refused. This decision is now going to cost them everything. 

One more note. There is talk of a meeting being planned for Erdogan and Assad to meet and discuss the Kurdish situation (among other things). If this meeting does happen, it will be a signal that the days of US influence in this part of the world is about to end. 

Turkey, Iran, And Russia Now See The Kurds As Proxies For The US 

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Anonymous said...

Wilson's 13th point

XIII. An independent Polish state should be erected which should include the territories inhabited by indisputably Polish populations, which should be assured a free and secure access to the sea, and whose political and economic independence and territorial integrity should be guaranteed by international covenant.

Why can't some thing like Wilson's proposal for Poland be applied to the Kurds?

The Turks and Shia have treated the Kurds abysmally. Such treatment is a good reason to be in Syria. The other two is that Assad is illegitimate and a dictator and we owe the Syrian government from the time of the Lebanese Civil War to Gulf War 2.

Is it me or does WNU seem positively giddy?

Canada must be a hardship posting for WNU. Is it why as a midranking former diplomat is allowed a dacha?

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Thank you, WNU editor!

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"Pearls before swine" is the appropriate phrase.

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Oh on this blog? Yes, dealing with some of these guys?

The Editor has the patience of Job.

"Pearls before swine" is Absolutely correct.

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Good to see the Moscow Brigade put in a hard 8 hour day in the 3 comments above. Better posting 3 times than being a mobik.

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You a must be a simpleton ukie troll or just an embittered idiot.?

What do the comments above have to do with the Russian Ukrainian war?

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The personal attacks are something else.