Sunday, November 27, 2022

China To Be Invovled In The Reconstruction Of Syria

Participants attend the Astana Format talks at the International meeting on Syria, in Astana, Kazakhstan, November 23, 2022. /CFP  

CGTN: China's likely inclusion in Astana Format will spur Syria's reconstruction process 

A new momentum is building for China to play a more productive role in the Syrian reconciliation process and the reconstruction of the war-torn country through Beijing's participation in the Astana Format peace dialogue.  

The Astana Format was initiated in 2017 by Russia, Turkey and Iran in a bid to restore peace and stability in Syria, ravaged by a civil war between President Bashar al-Assad's government and opposition-led protesters. Under the Astana Format, Russia, Turkey and Iran are the three key guarantors of the peace settlement between the Syrian government and opposition factions.  

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WNU editor: China's inclusion in the Astana Format is another huge sign that Beijing is becoming a major player in the Middle East. 

From my vantage point. It looks like Turkey, Russia, Iran, and now China are positioning themselves to squeeze the US out of Syria.


RussInSoCal said...

It will be a strange and dismaying sight to see US vehicles bullied off a Syrian road blocks by exact copies of those vehicles (if not originals from AFG) flying the ChiComm flag.

/but after 20+ years of US foreign policy "experts" doing it, how much worse could it be.



Roger29palms said...

What a country we've become.
Silly children at the helm.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I had just the same thought, WNU.

Anonymous said...

We need to leave.

The Kurds? yes, once again we screwed our proxies validating the old Kurd saying:

"The Kurds have no friends , but the mountains."

They should not have listened to us.

How did we do this anyway?

No declaration of war.
No UN mandate.
No International law justification.

We invade a foreign nation with no legal justification. God..... is this what we have become?

This is definitely not the country I grew up in.

Anonymous said...

Syria never declared war either, when it killed American troops for 4 decades.

So fuck it.

I was for Donald Trump bring the troops home form Syria. I was conflicted, because the Kurds need help. But I was for DJT, because there needs to be a discussion and not just DC doing things with or without tepid and/or manufactured consent.

Anonymous said...

Syrians are not angels. concur.

But what the hell are we doing there?

We need to help kurds.?. Ok here is the solution. We take all the Kurds on the Syrian turk border and re settle them in northern Iraq. If they do not want to go, then the hell with it, it is their choice and we leave anyway.

This move will save their lives from two opposing forces. It also

gets us out of that pit. Saves money. Most importantly it is the right thing o do. Instead of using them for blood proxies in a part of the world where trying to help people becomes a self inflicted gunshot wound....on many levels