Tuesday, December 6, 2022

It Looks Like US President Biden Is Running In 2024

Bloomberg: Biden Will Likely Announce 2024 Bid After Holidays, Klain Says 

(Bloomberg) -- White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said he expects that President Joe Biden will announce he’s running for re-election after the US Christmas and New Year’s holidays. 

“The president will make that decision. I expect it shortly after the holiday,” said Klain on Monday at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council summit. “I expect the decision will be to do it.” 

Biden is coming off midterm elections in which his Democratic Party fared far better than expected and has said he intends to run again. But he’s said an formal decision will come early next year. 

The president and his family were expected to discuss whether to run again during their Thanksgiving holiday on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, according to current and former aides, who said those talks would continue during the Christmas holidays.  

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WNU Editor: President Biden was hinting during his 2020 Presidential run that because of his age he was going to be a one term President. But if White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said he expects that President Joe Biden will be running again in 2024, the odds then strongly favour that he will run in 2024. 

I personally think that President Biden's "dementia moments" disqualify him to be President right now. His condition has deteriorated profoundly in the past year, and being one who is taking care of a loved one who is suffering from dementia, I know too well on what to see and expect. 

I can only hope that President Biden's wife and family see the same thing, and will say no to another run. But I am not part of the Biden family. I am not even an American. Just a Canadian looking across the border and seeing (and commenting) on what is happening in the US.. 

So what do my WNU readers think?


Amp1776 said...

Everything about Biden is just another sign of who the Democrats are.

Hans Persson said...

It's a joke. As usual. They lost the one and only candidate i liked, Tulsi Gabbard.

Scott said...

I genuinely can not believe this. At the same time, I understand why they are doing it/allowing it. He’s who beat Trump last time. Changing the choices could alter the outcome. They’re betting that the obviously mentally diseased left wing will still see Biden as fit for presidency. Beyond that, it’s the perfect cover. He beat him last time. How dare you question the legitimacy?

Anonymous said...

If he runs - if any Democrat runs - they will certainly win. After all, they are good at counting the votes and using the power of the state to crush anyone who wants to see the receipts for those votes.

Anonymous said...

Above comments show that the population has not caught on to the fact what is happening

We are seeing a trend downwards in all democracies.. election uncertainy, massive censorship of opposing political sides - one directional.. .

It doesn't take a genius to see that the DNC (the Democratic National Committee), the private company that runs and organizes the funds and operations, is is essence a money laundering organization with billions tied to FTX and Ukraine.

But.. as the mainstream media is owned by and in some cases paid off by oligarchs, you won't notice it until they start coming to you. Then you will be like "oh wow, how did this all happen"..

It happened because you were asleep

Anonymous said...

There is too much risk of a populist gaining traction if they allow Biden to be primaried. Ukraine had to be delayed 4 years because of Trumps presidency and look at the disaster it’s turned that operation into. There is zero chance that either party will allow a candidate who might turn off the military aid spigot again. The next presidential term belongs to the Taiwan hawks, red or blue. A 4 year freeze on the Taiwan buildup would be disastrous for the plan.

Anonymous said...

"At the same time, I understand why they are doing it/allowing it. He’s who beat Trump last time."

Biden did not beat Trump. Biden cannot punch his way out of a wet paper bag.

A literal political machine beat Trump.

Theodore Roosevelt: "The organization of a party in our city is really much like that of an army. There is one great central boss, assisted by some trusted and able lieutenants; these communicate with the different district bosses, whom they alternately bully and assist. The district boss in turn has a number of half-subordinates, half-allies, under him; these latter choose the captains of the election districts, etc., and come into contact with the common heelers."

Alex said...

He can sense his own decline but is in denial; this presidential bid is a way to compensate for that. You see it in his speech and his temperament. He is aware of his moments of confusion and compensates by shouting or even being rude in order to restore his sense of control. It would be sad to see in your own family, and I would feel sorry for him...but he's the president, not family.

Anonymous said...

"If he runs - if any Democrat runs - they will certainly win. After all, they are good at counting the votes and using the power of the state to crush anyone who wants to see the receipts for those votes."

You know things are bad when Marc Elias shows up for court cases over vote counts in swing states.

You know things are bad when the case goes before a Clinton or Obama appointed judge.

That so many cases even go before a court shows how many bad people we have.

And when there are no court cases, it will show the fix is in.

Anonymous said...

Looks Trump vs biden... though I'd prefer DeSantis. Biden is the dems can do

Anonymous said...

The GOP should run Tucker Carlson if not Trump! He has his hand on the pulse of the nation or on something.

Anonymous said...

Alex's comment


I'll add this. Joe knows he is in serious decline, but he hopes to continue the charade a little longer to keep himself or members of his family out of court and prison.

Anonymous said...

A dead former president would still make more sense and offer better leadership than the live potential GOP blobs.
But as suggested, stated, above there is a deep conspiracy, faked election counting, and terrible forces afoot that keep MY choices from winning. Do not ask me to offer proof for anything I allege. Just take my word for it.

RussInSoCal said...

The Dems have proven they will vote for a fence post over an opposing party candidate (John Fetterman). There’s no doubt that if Joe Biden can be manipulated to spout words, they will run him. And with midnight mail in ballot dumps, vote counting shenanigans and media censorship, he will likely win.



Anonymous said...

I love 12:51. Whatever would we do without the asshole?

Whoizzit? Russian troll? Chinese troll? Democrat troll? Doesn't really matter.

Quickly scan past the bullshit unsubstantiated claims and dren. It is not be be read but scanned quickly. Whoizzit is useful. Very useful. Keep that fire stoked

Anonymous said...

if Whoizzit is useful you are not.
say something with meaning. We have Trump to call people names.

Anonymous said...

JG Wentworth says.,....

Get the Government yooo deserve!!


The dems run him again? They ran him the first time and knew he was a basket case.

Shows you how much they care about the fate of the nation and the common people.

The Reps?? They suck . They propose nothing new or rescind the bullshit laws put in by the Dems.

Proof...Tell me one ,major cultural conservative initiative put forward and passed by the Reps?

Even the latest anti abortion laws were done by the Supreme court and not the Republican party.

Yes and who appointed those justices, Donny Trump, A guy hated, hated by the republican establishment...Bushes Romneys , Paul Ryan and the rest even your buddies the Koch brothers abandoned him.,

Its only am matter of time. The BLOB gets more inefficient and bloated as time goes on. It is a house destined to collapse upon itself.
So a pox upon both parties.

Anonymous said...

And let's double down on the "Kamala for President" ticket, so that when Biden becomes so muddled he can't control his bowels, Kookie Kamala will be poised to take the reins. This shitshow keeps getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday said anyone who suggests the Constitution could be suspended “would have a very hard time being sworn in as president of the United States.”

McConnell’s comments appeared directed squarely at former President Trump, who recently called for the termination of parts of the Constitution in light of reports that executives at Twitter discussed how to handle reporting about Hunter Biden’s stolen laptop before the 2020 presidential election.

“What I’m saying is that it would be pretty hard to be sworn in to the presidency if you’re not willing to uphold the Constitution,” McConnell added when asked if he would support Trump if he were the Republican nominee for president in 2024.

Anonymous said...

Fred L.

The constitution already has been suspended. Your Democrat party did the suspending. Prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Biden has to go. Everyone knows why. Trump is it. I dont think he ment to say he wanted to terminate the constitution. I think he was pulling the fire alarm and saying we need to do something in light of twitters election tampering. we cant just let by gones be by gones. kick out joe and kamala. trump SHOULD be president.

Anonymous said...

The election was stolen. There is a provision for such a thing in the Constitution. A state legislature can award electors to a candidate of their choosing. When the state legislature shirks their responsibility, then the Constitution fails.

We saw various legislatures fail many times, Secretaries of State and people a the county level would change established law many times and the legislatures sat their hands and let their authority be usurped.

The Secretaries of State and DA's have been a special target of Soros. It shows.

ISO 9000 does not lead to better quality by itself. An organization can have the best procedures written down, but if they are not followed. The quality of your product can be bad, you can fail as a organization and you will not pass an ISO audit with a decent auditor. Professors and auditors will tell you exactly this. Say what you are going to do. do what you say. You might not have perfect quality, but you will be on the right track.

The Constitution did not fail. People failed to uphold the Constitution. As a result we have a hack politician of mediocre talent, who is well past his prime and is simply not there most hours of the day.

If you majored in English please do not comment on ISO 9000, because you will just embarras yourself.

Anonymous said...

Trump Organization Found Guilty in Tax Fraud Scheme

The former president’s company had been accused of providing off-the-book benefits to executives. The testimony of its former chief financial officer proved crucial to the case.

Anonymous said...

Biden is old. He is not charasmatic. He flubs speeches. His voice is difficult to listen to. And yet he ran circles around Loser Trump. Explain without telling us the election a fraud unless you can show us how the huge popular vote was rigged.
Now If Trump runs again, and wins, what will he have to say for his inaugural? Swear on a bible to uphold the constitution. But he has already stated that he would like to see that document discardedR!

that then another reason why he will not run nor if he does, win the election.

RussInSoCal said...

5:29 PM

Suck on that until it gets overturned on appeal.

Anonymous said...

Off the books benefits:

It goes without saying as a middle class person not getting those benefits, I am envious.

However, selective enforcement of the law for partisan gain is something I am more worked up about than benefits.

They went after Trump since 2015 and 7 years later this is all they have?

I worked a menial job during college. At the job I saw the business owner give show up jobs to 7 college athletes over the Christmas Break. These athletes literally did no work. I also got a job at a machine shop through family connections. Someone working in the office got his summer job the same way. I have multiple athletes or room mates tell me colleges recruit women to keep athletes smiling. Call it a fluffer scholarship.

This happens all the time in society.

To me this is a nothing burger. Well it is not a nothing burger. This is where I would make good use of a table.

It is as egregious as outing Republican Senator Vitter and no other clients. It is selective law enforcement. It makes me mad as Hell at Democrats and little dweebs with smug faces.

This is just more of the same in that vein. 5:29 shows what little Russian troll or Democrat Eichmann he is.

Anonymous said...

Sex Sells: "Hostess" Program Used To Recruit players

Decades later and what I was told is happened is still happening.

Selective enforcement of the law is more corrosive than the purported crime it is going after.

Prove otherwise

Anonymous said...

we do not have to prove some nonsense you post.The Trump organization was found guilty by a jury.

The Trump Organization was indicted in June 2021 for alleged fraud, based on allegations that the company “devised and operated a scheme to defraud” tax authorities by paying executives through gifts and other “off the books” compensation and then not paying taxes on it—particularly Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, who was also indicted and already pleaded guilty before the trial.

Anonymous said...

Couldn’t have said it much better….

Anonymous said...


Dis is da angrish major. ima thoroughly put out by you not toeing the party line.

we were all suppose to have our 2 minutes of hate and you are not cooperating. dis is intolerable

All this means is that the Trump organization will move out of New York and whatever fines the state will get will be dwarfed by future lost taxes.

You did not pay attention to anything I wrote. You blazed ahead like the sanctimonious idiot you are.

What the NY AG did was illegal. Hers was political prosecution.

Will unreported benefits be prosecuted more or will unreported benefits decrease. If they do not what was the whole purpose of this exercise other than as political hit job.

2 wrongs do not make a right except in Angrish major world

Anonymous said...

You seem to carry on with family DNA and Trumpian name-calling. That said: Trump organization violated tax laws. period.
Now you may approve of that but decent taxpayers do not. That verdict is but one more in the growing list of losses for Trump. Now go tear up your copy of the Constitution in sympathy with your hero

Anonymous said...

Jurors deliberated for just over a day before returning the guilty verdicts on a total of 17 counts, including scheme to defraud, conspiracy, criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records. The company faces roughly $1.6 million in fines when it's sentenced. The sentencing is expected to take place on Jan. 13, 2023.

Anonymous said...

angrish that is the sole name

It is a portmanteau like hangry.

Poor thing is angry over being called angrish.

I do note that it is well past you bed time or you are 1st shift over in Moscow. Not that there is a difference between the Moscow line and yours. Red minds think alike.

I will repeat since you are a slow learner bordering on no-learner that selective enforcemnt of the law is just about the worst thing there is.

Roger29palms said...

I watched several minutes of the first "debate" and never watched another. I walked away thinking Trump's behavior has just cost him a million votes.
My sister is one of millions who vote for a personality. That is why she voted for biden.
Biden, in those three above mentioned minutes, showed me he was a vulnerable candidate but Trump simply could not rise above himself and let biden commit political suicide before a watching nation. He had to be Trump and lost uncountable votes because of his behavior in those "debates.

Frankly I likely would not vote for him again though I was fairly satisfied with some of his political accomplishments during his time in the White House.

I have to acknowledge that younger voters and I are worlds apart. They have different values than mine, having been born in 1946 to a different America, that of the boomers.

Anonymous said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

Boomers have no values.
They go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

Trump is the perfect candidate for our times.

Democrats are thoroughly corrupt. Around 75% of Republicans are RINOs.

A psychologists could tell that Trump is a narcissist and that it is a problem. the psychologist might even have proof. psychologist would tell me that with a straight face.

I would tell the psychologists that made Trump the perfect candidate.

We have been told over and over again in articles about corporate organization and leadership that many top tier leaders in business and elsewhere are psychopaths.

For starters, I'll take a narcissist over a psychopath any day of the week. Congress is full of psychos and they call Trump bad?

Narcissism is like a handle. You can get a handle on Trump if need be. Trump watches polls and listens to people. The border wall proves it, He listened to both sides and was working to please both sides.

I disagree with Roger. When Paul Ryan and Biden debated in 2012, Ryan had facts and figures like a policy wonk. Biden tore him apart. Biden did not use any facts except speciously. Biden was not brash like a New Yorker. He was oily and smarmy in a DC way. I guess if you are bastard but have a polite exterior, you are political material.

One more thing

There was sociology study. the Sociologist studies polls and voting, they studied implemented policy. their conclusion was that voters were ignored but corporate interest almost always got their way. They concluded that it was proof that the US is an oligarchy and not a Democracy/Republic, We might have the form of a Democracy and we might tell ourselves children stories of Democracy before we go to bed, but we are an oligarchy.

Trump was the one who listened to voters and paid attention to polls. Trump was and is Democratic. He went against the oligarchy and the Empire Struck Back. I hope Roger's sister is happy with her precious political virtue.