Thursday, December 1, 2022

Russia's Wagnar Group's TikTok Videos Have Been Viewed More Than A Billion Times

BBC: Russian mercenary videos 'top 1bn views' on TikTok 

TikTok is hosting dozens of videos that glorify violence by Russia's Wagner Group of mercenaries and they have been viewed more than a billion times, according to a new report. 

Wagner has sent mercenaries into Ukraine in big numbers. US-based NewsGuard, which focuses on online misinformation, says some of the videos appear to show the execution of a former Russian mercenary. TikTok has said it will act against any content violating its policies. 

NewsGuard said it had identified 160 videos on the short-video platform that "allude to, show, or glorify acts of violence" by the mercenary group, founded by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin.  

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Update #1: TikTok videos which 'glorify' Russian mercenary violence in Ukraine 'viewed a billion times', reports says (SKY News)  

Update #2: Gory Russian mercenary videos top one billion views on TikTok (The Telegraph)  

WNU Editor: There is a lot of Russia-Ukraine war porn out there, and quite frankly most are not on TikTok.


Anonymous said...

Guy looks spiffy in his Wagner uniform.

What do the Wagner people on the front line look like? What is their survival rate? What is their logistical situation?

Anonymous said...

Fairly indistinguishable from a regular soldier in terms of equipment. They do however seem to be constantly in the shit. That might just be because they aren’t subject to the same restrictions on carrying electronic devices as regular Russian troops, and thus they’re the only ones who we actually see uploading frontline combat videos every week.