Monday, January 30, 2023

Chinese Analysts Say Taiwan Warnings Show The US Military Is Preparing For War

SCMP: Taiwan warnings show US military is preparing for war, Chinese analysts say 

* Risk of conflict between Chinese, US militaries has increased as both sides boost deterrence capabilities, experts say 

* Top US commanders have predicted military conflict with China may happen in the near future 

A warning by a US air force commander that a military conflict with mainland China could come as early as 2025 implies the American military is gearing up combat readiness over Taiwan, according to analysts, who said the People's Liberation Army (PLA) would also boost its deterrence capabilities. 

The latest warning was from Mike Minihan, the head of the Air Mobility Command, who said war over Taiwan might happen as soon as 2025. 

In an internal memorandum that first emerged on social media on Friday, Minihan, a US four-star general, urged his commanders to push their units to achieve maximum operational battle readiness this year. 

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WNU Editor: This does not help in de-escalating current tensions .... Chinese vessels and aircraft appear in Taiwanese waters and airspace (FOX News).


Anonymous said...

Ya think? So China, wtf have you been preparing for the last 10 yrs? A picnic? That must be why almost every country in your region distrusts you. You know, the countries you bully with your shiny new navy and air force.

Anonymous said...

The truth is Chinese military are decades behind from US.

Anonymous said...

Quantity has a quality all its own.

Anonymous said...

Garland Nixon had a similar analysis, as did many of us Americans who are becoming more and more used to that feeling of embarrassment when our so-called leaders talk about international relations.

A couple years ago i was all for defending Hong Kong and Taiwan militarily.
Now, it's like...just let it roll.
Not our boulder and these geniuses let it get to this point over 50 years with China.

Just expell mainlanders and seize stateside assets and rebuild industry in the Americas.

If you build it, they will come.