Monday, January 30, 2023

Would America Be Screwed If China Invades Taiwan?

Sascha Brodsky, Daily Beast: How America Would Be Screwed if China Invades Taiwan 

The vaunted fleet of the U.S. Navy may not be ready for a conflict with China. 

A recent analysis found that the U.S. would likely lose a vast number of ships in a war with China over Taiwan, thanks to a narrowing technological advantage. And experts say the U.S. fleet of over 490 ships is also losing its edge in numbers compared to China’s fleet of 661 vessels.

“We are nowhere near adequately prepared,” said William Toti, who led the Navy’s anti-submarine China strategy before his retirement. “I fear that we've awakened a sleeping giant. They have more ships than we do. They have more industrial capacity than we do.”  

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WNU Editor: When you look at it from both sides. Neither China or the US is really ready for war.


Mr Nobody said...

If the fight was in the area of Kirabati, the USA would have a chance. But being it is only about 100 miles off the Chinese main land the USA has about a 98% chance of getting hammered.

Why? As stated before, Air superiority in Aerial combat is paramount. And without control of the air, you are hamstrung on the ground.

In this area of operations (Taiwan) the Chinese have the largest aircraft carrier in the world.
It is called Main Land China.

This post really is a repeat of a prior post, but I will repeat it.

Look at a map. Measure the distance from The Chinese mainland to Taiwan. It is only about 100 miles. Chinese attack jets have an average range of 600 to 800 miles depending on the type of plane. That means their jets could be based at a distance of 200 miles or more from the coast, and still hit Taiwan.

That means, to take those bases out, the US would have to reach 200+ miles into Chinese territory( full of ADA) to destroy these bases. Because of the aircraft flight range, to take out Bomber bases, it would be almost impossible.

We can back and forth about drones, cruise missiles, stealth bombers and all the rest. But the bottom line, The Chinese have so much fire power and logistical support in this Zone of Conflict, that any attack on them would border on the suicidal.

Unless there is a huge rebuild and I mean huge...600-700 ship navy. With an Air Force with 3 times the current stealth aircraft we have ..... Double or triple the size of the submarine fleet, this battle is not winnable.

Why so big? This force must be able to take a major hit and still be robust enough to Destroy the Chinese Air-Force and Navy.

The Chinese will pound the hell out of you, They can lose thousands and thousands of men. They can Lose hundreds of armaments. But with their population and huge industrial base, they will be back in business in 6 to 9 months.

The USA? well currently it takes 2-3 years to fix a damaged sub or ship. And to build a sub or can take a decade.

Be it conventional or nuclear, You will have to completely annihilate their forces with the first strike.

This idea of war with the chinese is a bad deal all the way around.

Anonymous said...

The US Navy might not be able to defend Taiwan against China, but they sure are proficient in leftist propaganda like Critical Race Theory and Trans rights.

Anonymous said...

War with China isnt just war with US. China not ready as US in a war.

Anonymous said...

Funny how China and Russia are 100% ready to defeat the US at all times. Lol. Only the US loses. Interesting

Anonymous said...


funny how the Americans choose the wrong regions of the world to fight in. If the fight was east of Hawaii the odds would be more like 80 / 20 for an American win.

You need to put on your thinking cap.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn’t be China vs USA but most of nato Japan,Taiwan etc…vs China … that’s where the problem for China is…. Allies… or lack of

Anonymous said...

With this current group of incompetent military leaders and very weak, morally and financially bankrupt leaders, oh yeah. The west will get steamrolled.

Anonymous said...

8:08. No the problem is this. If those allies deploy anywhere near the Chinese coast, they too will get hammered. And if they join, especially the SKs , they will have a ground battle also to deal with.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a catalyst event not a planned invasion that starts anything

Anonymous said...

Seems a purposeful deflection/distraction from the REAL crucial story right now: Ukraine. Almost as if this China/Taiwan story is a purposeful plant. The Editor 9f WNU lives in a democracy, has freedom of news access, has ethnic Russian family out of Ukraine, knows the monstrosities Putin has committed. And yet continues to post pro-Putin, anti-West rhetoric. Is there a personal reason? Is the WNU Editor or his family under threat?

Anonymous said...

2: 40. Is an idiot. Yea, the editor is a Cheka plant send from the past by Trotsky to plant stories about china. This was commanded by Lizard shape shifters from Ice Station Zebra.