Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Editor's Note

I am in Toronto today. Meeting one of my cousins and her family from Ukraine who are arriving later today. They are on their way to Winnipeg, but are staying in Toronto for a few hours. Blogging will return when I get back later this evening.

Update 23:00 EST: A WNU cruise. LOL. Now that is an idea!!!!

This is why I love reading the comments thread.

I warned my cousin on how cold Winnipeg is. That it is bleak and not what they are going to expect. I even told them they could stay at my place for a few months. Montreal is far preferable than Winnipeg. At least at my place they will not have to worry about rent/food/basic expenses. She could even drive my car (refugees from Ukraine with a valid drivers license are eligible to get a Quebec drivers license without doing the tests). But no .... they are going to Winnipeg because they know someone ?!?!?!?

This is where I sit back. Eat the popcorn. And watch the show.

On a more serious note. I learned that everyone in my family is OK. They are out of the cities, and can make ends meet. 

Unfortunately. This war has deeply divided the family. My relatives in Russia and my relatives in Ukraine are not talking to each other. I am the only one that both sides are talking to, because they know of my background, my past public warnings that this war was going to happen if Ukraine did not become a federated system like Canada's, my frustrations that no one cared about the consequences, and my strong anti-war views. 

I have also deliberately positioned myself to be able to talk to both sides, and everyone knows it. The way I see it. This war will end one day. It will take people like me to step in and be the bridge for both sides to talk to each other and to heal. This will also probably be the last big project in my life. 

One more note. My cousin told me that while civilian casualties have been low, military casualties are astronomical. Everyone knows someone who has been killed or wounded in this war. Everyone also knows that the entire front in eastern Ukraine is a meat-grinder.


Bert Bert said...

Any chance of you doing a live chat on twitter? Would be great to pick your brain about the whole Ukraine/Russia situation.

Anonymous said...

Winnipeg or Kyiv, hard to tell which is worse.

Anonymous said...

HELP!!! :)

Get back quick!!

The blog posts on this one...US President Biden Says U.S. Will Not Be Providing F-16s To Ukraine

are going from bizarre to insane.

Get back and post one of those twitter message lists of multiple stories, so we and move on to the articles directly after to chew on. :)

Anonymous said...

IMHO you should organize a warnewsupdate meet up, once a year. Preferably not Canada, or even a warnewsupdate cruise that goes to the Bahamas or somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely go, tbh

Anonymous said...

Sweet, and let the pro west fascists and freedom fighting Ruskies throw each other overboard after a few margaritas and an argument.

Anonymous said...

Russia is not free. It is a slave state.

Anonymous said...

And Trump is a Russian spy, yeah we’ve heard all your bullshit already, keep watching CNN you Liberal moron. The Russians are standing up to George Soros, Clause Schwab, Justina Trudeau, Joe Biden, Macron and the rest. Eat your bugs, own nothing, be happy, and shut your stupid mouth.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to them, and watch out for those Winnipeg girls!
On behalf of the United States I am Proud to Welcome these people to North America!

Anonymous said...


Kids in the Hall
Winnipeg Girl

Anonymous said...

I said Russia was not free. I meant it. I believe the US is not to free and is becoming less so at an accelerated rate.

The US could catch up to Russia in 3 to 5 year's time due to the DNC, Schwab, Soros and ilk.

PS #1. Last time I watched CNN was 1986.

PS #2 Please seek professional help immediately.

Anonymous said...

Professional help is being sought via captain Morgan time now, thanks for the advice, Liberal.

Anonymous said...

OD on the aldehyde 8:56 Painful time for you

Anonymous said...


Mr. Nobody said...

Glad to hear another part of your family made it out ok. James Stockdale, a great American: writer, warrior and Philosopher once said:

"Nobody likes a Cassandra."

Meaning: People who predict a future that no-one likes , but comes to happen anyway, are not appreciated.

I see you are another card carrying member of the Cassandra Club. I know how you feel. You talk to these, people. You talk to them over and over again. You warn them that such and such may happen. You see the writing on the wall.


To quote Walter Kowalski from the movie "Grand Torino"

Fuckin' don't listen Do ya?

It is frustrating, heart breaking and just angers you to no end.

Your family will need you in the end. Because out of the 6 billion in the world, who else out there is more like you? Your personality is repeated . Generations skip and slide to your cousins, nephews and even pass over your kids and end up in your grandkids. They need you.

Take Care and Good Luck.

Mr. Nobody