Monday, January 30, 2023

Russian Business Offers Cash Bounties To Destroy Western Tanks In Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen stand n on their tanks near the frontline town of Bakhmut © Thomson Reuters  

Reuters: Russian business offers cash bounties to destroy Western tanks in Ukraine 

A Russian company said it will offer five million roubles ($72,000) in cash to the first soldiers who destroy or capture western-made tanks in Ukraine, after the Kremlin vowed Russian forces would wipe out any Western tanks shipped to Ukraine. 

The United States, Germany and several other European countries are lining up to send Kyiv dozens of advanced combat tanks over the next few months to help boost Ukraine's military capacity as the war approaches the 12-month mark. 

The decision has been criticised by the Kremlin as a dangerous escalation, and spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the tanks would "burn" on the frontlines.  

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Update: Russian Troops Offered Bounties for Destroying Western Tanks in Ukraine (Moscow Times)  

WNU Editor: This $72,000 bounty is directed more at the Ukrainian side to desert.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad deal. Only a matter of time before the Ukes start looking out for themselves. Their dear leader sure as hell isn’t and is only going to March every last soldier their deaths.

Anonymous said...

Soo I'm in a tank and I want to take the 5mil.. do I just drive at the Russian line?

Anonymous said...

Russian tanks no bounties it so easy

Ron said...

6:46, white flag! don't forget to fly a white flag! you would lose out on the money and alot more.


Anonymous said...

Good point. A white Z too