Friday, January 27, 2023

Russian ‘Experts’ Issue A Guidebook On Where & How To Destroy The US Main Battle Tank

The image seen above is quite old and famous within the Russian blogosphere, accompanied by a detailed write-up of how to destroy or damage an Abrams tank. 

EurAsian Times: How To Kill An Abrams! Russian ‘Experts’ Issue A Guidebook On Where & How To Destroy The US Main Battle Tank 

An image has resurfaced on social media showing vulnerabilities of the American-made M1 Abrams Tanks with instructions on where to hit the tank and using what weapons. 

US President Joe Biden, on January 25, pledged to send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, apparently to pursue or put pressure on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to supply Leopard 2 tanks to the war-ravaged country. 

“And today, I’m announcing that the United States will be sending 31 Abram tanks to Ukraine, the equivalent of one Ukrainian battalion,” Biden said in the presence of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. 

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WNU Editor: The Kremlin says that these tanks are going to burn on the battlefield ..... Kremlin says U.S.-supplied tanks will 'burn' in Ukraine (Reuters). The US is saying that they have heard this before .... U.S. Dismisses Russia's Reaction to Abrams Tanks: 'Heard That Line Before' (Newsweek).


GUS said...

I have seen these types of diagrams produced in World War 2 by the Americans, British and Russians showing weaknesses in German tanks and by the Germans showing weaknesses in Russian tanks. The Abrams has been in combat in Iraq and in Yemen with the Saudi army so in and of itself not surprising that weaknesses showed up. Of course, I would presume these weaknesses have been addressed.

Anonymous said...

They’ve been massively upgraded lol… poor Russian soldiers

Anonymous said...

@2:13 They'll be getting the stripped down export models bought back from places like Egypt and Israel.

It's silly to pretend these tanks will have zero impact or will be invincible game changers. All ground combat is give and take. There is no indestructible platform.

Some will score kills, some will burn, some will survive incredible circumstances and save lives, some will break down and never see combat.

This is true of the Abrams, the Leopard, and the Armata if it ever sees service in this war.

The problem is the small number of tanks being discussed. If the plan is to put >100 mismatched systems up against thousands then all of them will burn eventually, on camera. In my opinion it's of questionable value to hand over such propaganda wins unless you're going to go all-in and actually try to win.

Anonymous said...

So the pamphlet says try to hit were the turret meets the hull. Basically, what you would do with every tank.

Anonymous said...

a friend from Odessa translated it for me:

Use machine gun fire against the targeting optics
Strike the ammo rack at the base of the turret
Hit the barrel
Target the large gap between the hull and turret
Use any model RPG against the side skirts

Anonymous said...

@3:08 ehh, you what? Shows you don't know a whole lot here pal.

Mind telling me how they would get Abrams from Israel?

Israel has zero and would never want any.

Her Merkava shit on the Abrams in nearly every metric, in the specific environments that the IDF operate in.

Anonymous said...

Yes I meant to write Iraq, I had a dyslexic moment. The Merkava is bad ass.

Anonymous said...

3:08 hit most of the hard points. Against an old T72 or T62/64 the M1with DU armor is just about invincible. You can damage it, but it is really hard to "kill" it.

How will it do against a T14 or T 90...that is totally unknown. But my fiends the real killer on todays battlefield is not another tank, but the helicopter with hellfire type missiles and drones. That or an A10 type aircraft. Where there are a mass of tanks, that is what you hit with your tac air.

Also With the M1s Not enough and too late for this to make a difference.

fazman said...

It's like telling Floyd may weather jnr , all you have to do is punch prime tyson here , then there, then finish him with this combo...good luck

fazman said...

Those M1 may account for 200 T72/T80 used intelligently that's huge.