Friday, January 27, 2023

Western Officials And The Media Downplaying The Impact That Sending Tanks To Ukraine Will Have On The Course Of The War

CNN: Ukraine’s new tanks won’t be the instant game-changer some expect  

Those hoping that main battle tanks donated by NATO allies to Ukraine will have an immediate impact in its war with Russia may have to adjust their expectations. 

After confirming it will receive deliveries of the American M-1 Abrams, German Leopards and British Challengers, Kyiv is now confronted with the logistical and operational realities of incorporating an assortment of vastly different and complex heavy armor into effective fighting units. 

But first, the Ukrainians must factor in the time line for delivery. Even the most optimistic estimates say it will take months for the tanks to enter the battlefield in numbers to make a big difference, while in the case of Abrams tanks it could be more than a year before Ukraine is able to deploy them.  

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WNU Editor: This is the armor that is being sent to Ukraine .... Ukraine weapons: What tanks and other equipment are the world giving? (BBC). 

Western Officials And The Media Downplaying The Impact That Sending Tanks To Ukraine Will Have On The Course Of The War 

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Anonymous said...

Too little and way too late.

The equipment will never arrive in time and if it did, then it would arrive piece meal and eventually be destroyed piece meal.

You need large combined arms units with air support to win in a conventional war. Putting smatterings of armor out there is going to do little or nothing.

Anonymous said...

Half of the donations are just orders placed with manufacturers to refurbish some vehicles within a few years.

Anonymous said...

These tanks are far superior to Russian tanks. They have no idea what a m1 A1 with hunter killer drones can do to Russian troops and drones… literally no clue what’s coming…

fazman said...

I know right , Leo 2 , with Bradley tows, avenger Sam and gepard and infantry providing cover ..poor ruskies

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious replying to yourself without changing up your incredibly "distinct" style of writing at all.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Got him. Now stand by while he pivots his tank turret towards you.