Thursday, January 26, 2023

US Marines Open New Guam Base


Warzone/The Drive: Marine Corps Activates Sprawling New Base On Highly Strategic Guam 

Camp Blaz will be an epicenter of Marine Corps activity in the Pacific and will play a key role in a larger force realignment strategy. 

The U.S. Marine Corps has activated a new base camp on the strategic island of Guam in the Pacific, and, at least according to the Marines, it will serve as the first newly constructed base for the service in 70 years. Named Camp Blaz, the installation’s location is not only steeped in Marine Corps history dating back decades but the activation also reflects the U.S. military's evolving posture in the increasingly tense region over which China looms.  

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US Marines Open New Guam Base  

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Anonymous said...

The real reason for the US base on Guam is because the people of Okinawa are fed up with US servicemen raping Okinawan women and girls. The people of Guam will learn this as well.