Thursday, January 26, 2023

Israel Rejects US Request For Hawk Missiles Being Sent To Ukraine

FOX News: Israel rejects US request for Hawk missiles in aid to Ukraine 

Israel says no change in posture amid war in Ukraine 

Israel on Wednesday rejected the U.S.’ request to send Hawk missiles to Ukraine as the Washington looks to bolster defenses for Kyiv ahead of a looming Russian offensive. 

The Biden administration asked for old Hawk anti-aircraft missiles that Jerusalem had in storage as air defense remains a top priority for Ukraine, first reported Axios. 

"The policy of the security echelon has not changed," a spokesperson from the Israeli Ministry of Defense told Fox News. "Each request is examined on its merits. Beyond that, we do not refer to additional details."  

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Israel Rejects US Request For Hawk Missiles Being Sent To Ukraine  

Scoop: U.S. asked Israel for its Hawk missiles to send to Ukraine -- Axios 

Israel said to rebuff US request for old anti-aircraft missiles to give to Ukraine -- Times of Israel  

Israel rejects US request to provide missiles for Ukraine – Axios -- RT


Anonymous said...

Israel would be crazy to send anything to Ukraine. They need everything to defend Israel. One absolute they are thinking about is the USA under the Biden Regime is not a reliable ally whatsoever.

Half the Dems hate Israeland a pro-Palestinian and other terror organizations. POS like Omar and AOC set the example. Israel position is F Ukraine. Plus they have a decent relationship with the Russians. More reliable than Dementia Joe!

Anonymous said...

as a Dem I think the crap above is simply a low IQ babbling.
Who gave the deciding vote in the UN for Israel to become a state? the Dems.
Has Biden or any Dem president ever lowered the aid to Israel? nope.
Many Dems perhaps do not like the rightward turn the current Israel govt is taking but so too they did not like the rightward turn here with the attempt to overturn elections.

I know three sons of registered Dems who served in the IDF...lhow have you supported Israel?

Anonymous said...

8:43 is correct in their comments. 8:46 AM is an idiot. Does he really think the Democrats of 1948 are the same as the Democrats of 2023? LOL

Anonymous said...

Israel could be convinced to sell aging equipment in return for future modernized replacements. Israelis don't see themselves in an existential war within the next 2-3 years and would stand to benefit greatly from such schemes.