Monday, March 20, 2023

NATO Considering The Deployment Of 300,000 Soldiers To The Russian Border


Politico: NATO is racing to arm its Russian borders. Can it find the weapons?  

Allies are worrying about dwindling war chests just as NATO seeks commitments for new stockpiles and troops along the eastern flank. 

BRUSSELS — Add NATO’s military planners to the list of those concerned about having enough shells. 

In the coming months, the alliance will accelerate efforts to stockpile equipment along the alliance’s eastern edge and designate tens of thousands of forces that can rush to allies’ aid on short notice — a move meant to stop Russia from expanding its war beyond Ukraine. 

To make that happen, though, NATO must convince individual countries to contribute various elements: Soldiers, training, better infrastructure — and, most notably, extensive amounts of pricey weapons, equipment and ammunition.  

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Update: NATO considering deployment of up to 300,000 troops on border with Russia (Ukrayinska Pravda)  

Update #2: NATO Reportedly Mulling 300,000-Strong Force on Russia's Borders Amid Fast-Dwindling War Chests (Sputnik)  

WNU Editor: After indicting Russian President Putin as a war criminal, thereby ending any hope that there will be a negotiated settlement to the Ukraine war, Russia would see such a NATO deployment of forces to its border as a prelude to an attack and invasion.


Anonymous said...

Not a war we could win. This NATO deployment would surely be met with hundreds of thousands of Chinese, North Korean and even Iranian troops on the Belarusian border. This is a suicide mission by the west. It reminds me of that fungus that takes over an ant or other insect and makes it climb to the top of a plant and a mushroom bursts out of its head. Maybe there are some parallels to be had with the disease of wokism and equity. A mental disease that causes us to self destruct.

Jac said...

300,000 thousand soldiers, why not? It's a masquerade because we don't need of that. Just the fact of making war to a NATO country triggered a full war with Russia who don't want of it.

RussInSoCal said...

Politico, Pravda and Sputnik are reporting that NATO is considering deploying 300,000 troops along the Russian border. Not the most reliable sources and I don't buy it.

I'm giving this the 48 hour rule.

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese, North Koreans, and Iranians deployed on the Belarusian border? What kind of fantasy world are you living in? None of those countries give a rat's ass about Russia. They only care about what Russia can provide them. Which is now nothing thanks to the self-destruction of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. The only thing they care about now is how much wealth they can extort from Russia while Putin is delusional enough that he thinks he can actually win the war.

Does anywhere in the Russia admire, respect, or fear Russia more now than it did a year ago? No. The entire world now sees Russia as a pathetic, degraded fool that has exposed its weakness and stupidity to the rest of the world.

If Russia truly sees such a defensive deployment as a threat of invasion, it is time for it to make peace and agree to Ukrainian demands. Despite what WNU Editor wants us to believe, Russia is losing the war and everyone knows it (except the demented Russian trolls in the comments earning their pay from Prigozhin's troll farm),

If Putin's gamble had been successful in February 2022, we'd all be shaking in fear of the "Russian colossus" that conquered Ukraine in two weeks. But it didn't happen. And now Ukraine is the graveyard of both the Russian army and Russian pretensions to great power status.

NATO has its problems, but it is the kind of problems the West would have in 1936-1938 if it finally took the threat of Hitler seriously. Not the actual problems it had in 1939-1940 as a result of not taking Germany seriously earlier.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the real target is the people that live in the west. Politicians & the billionaires in charge of the west think democracy is messy. Lots of billionaires would like the right to vote taken away from working class & lower middle class people. So stage a war with Russia. Let a nuke or 3 off, kill a million or 3 then declare martial law, suspend habitus corpus & hey presto. The Klaus Shwab's & George Sorros's of the world will have their one world communist government utopia. You will own nothing & be happy. Provided that you haven't been vapourised or die of radiation burns & poisoning. Keep ducking....

fazman said...

Chinese , nth Koreans, and Iranians 🤣🤣..Larry, curly and Moe have more logistical and interoperability experience. Iran had best pack a lunch box and start hiking now

Anonymous said...

You should get out more often. Most people who work and earn a living with their hands are sympathetic to down right supportive of Russia and it’s special operation. North Korea already offered 125k troops and equipment and Iran is fully supportive. China doesn’t have much use for a land force in its ambitions concerning Taiwan, so why not send a few hundred thousand to the west and fight the same enemy? Even the bible predicted this.

Anonymous said...

Europe will fall

Anonymous said...

at 3:16 AM
Why the need to be so snippy? say what you think but skip the childish make yourself should foolish and hence not to be believed in what you are saying

Anonymous said...


There are two reasons
1. either the critic is fed up with some of the dumb crap people post here.

Or the critic is not capable of logical thought or is an ideologue and has no common sense left.
The best one is the guy who calls everyone a Russian troll

Yes. Good morning Skoda. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Those nations would never deploy troops in Russia stfu

Anonymous said...

3:16 / 0700 / 8:43

We have Russian troll on Russian troll action. It is every bit as vicious and over the top as all star wrastling.

Fred persona likes to wrastle in the mud, but only when he is not playing squash with the curb. Can we have another mommy and bus stop diatribe by the hyper educated?

Anonymous said...

You get worse everyday🤣🤣😁😁😘

Anonymous said...

Fred persona likes to wrastle in the mud, but only when he is not playing squash with the curb. Can we have another mommy and bus stop diatribe by the hyper educated?
mommy's little boy still unable to curb his low self esteem and so bad mouth's others in an attempt to show mommy he is important: look at me, mommy, just look.
Trump does that too.

Anonymous said...

Recon by fire. I fired. You fired back. Now you are painted once again. They know you table of organization and elements. It is not time yet, but when it is, they will roll you up.

I have seen intel follow known spies and irregular combatant for months waiting to see who they would contact. If you are in the West, you will be rolled up. If you are in Russia, you have breathing space until things go kinetic.

You should study psychology you dumb bastard. the other kids picked up their ball and walked away otherwise they would be commenting. So you have not convinced them. they might still read the blogposts by WNU but it is more monitoring now than persuading. One poster even said as much. that was for WNU. For you it is like I said. They took their ball and went elsewhere except for monitoring.

So literally you are expending energy, but producing no work (W=F*d).

Anonymous said...

^^ not Fred, but suffers from Acquired Fred Syndrome

Anonymous said...

This comment section is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Russian trolls came. What do you expect. "Serious" people who are above all that or do not have time take 30 seconds to read WNU's post and move in without reading comments. So it is a troll farm fail.

Troll farming is what you do, when you went to university but did not really get a good degree and you are no longer cutout for blue collar work.

Anonymous said...

Yep, he is lost in the matrix somewhere

Anonymous said...

You go skods!!! Yes, trolls!!!!! They are all hillary trolls!!! HOw could have we been all so blind!,???😠😠😠☠☠😲😲😲😲

It is the Borg of trolls🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Anonymous said...

Pentagon will fall soon

Anonymous said...

Fight 4 Jesus not government fools

Roger29palms said...

Agreed, Russ.

By the way did anyone compare Politico's ad rates before and after? More eyes =='s higher rates?

Anonymous said...

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