Sunday, March 19, 2023

Polish Ambassador To France Says Poland Will Be Forced To Enter The War If Ukraine Cannot Defend Itself

Ukrayinska Pravda: Polish Ambassador to France: Poland will be forced to enter war if Ukraine fails to defend itself 

Poland’s Ambassador to France Jan Emeryk Rościszewski said in an interview that a situation could arise in which Poland would have to enter the war. The embassy urged audiences to refrain from sensationalising his words. 

 Source: Rościszewski in an interview with LCI, a French TV channel; Rzeczpospolita, a Polish media outlet, citing Poland’s Embassy in France  

Quote from Rościszewski: "It is not NATO, Poland or Slovakia that are mounting ever more pressure, but Russia, which has invaded Ukraine. Russia, which is seizing its territories. Russia, which is killing its people. And Russia, which is abducting Ukrainian children. 

Therefore, either Ukraine will defend its independence today, or we will have to enter this conflict. Because our main values, which were the basis of our civilization and our culture will be threatened. Therefore, we will have no choice but to enter the conflict."  

Details: Following the ambassador’s remark, Poland’s Embassy in France issued a statement saying that it has been interpreted by some media "out of context".  

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WNU editor: Poland’s Embassy in France has issued a statement saying that the ambassador's remarks were interpreted by some media "out of context". I am not sure about that. I speak French, and the Polish ambassador was very blunt in explaining the conditions that Poland may enter the war.


Anonymous said...

That sucks. My cousin married a pole last year and lives near the Belarusian border. I also fought with the poles in Afghanistan. Hope it doesn’t go that route

Anonymous said...

Well them. Ww3 is shaping up very nicely. Should I get the marshmallows now?

Anonymous said...

Russia can hardly handle Ukraine if poland enters with nato Russia in big trouble… nato stronger, sanctions starting to bite, Russian soldiers dead by the tens of thousands… smart move Putin things are going great.🤔

Hans Persson said...

Wait a few days and see what happens when those 500k freshly mobilized Russians enter the war.

Anonymous said...

Galacia looks nice this time of year. Maybe?
The Poles want to get part of thier country back? Totally unknown.

Or For now they are thinking about big money with nato troops in mass stationed in thier county,
It's a twofer..... free security and lots of money put into the economy. It's the German model from the cold war.

Anonymous said...

If the Poles go in, I will try to join them.

Ron said...

So, I wonder how NATO Article Five will work. If Russia attacks Poland then other NATO countries have to consider it an attack on themselves. What if Poland attacks Russia? What then?

Anonymous said...

You can hide under legalese. Legal positivism states that "there is not any necessary relation between law and morality." So, if you want to hide behind legalese, you are on firm ground.

The Ukrainians were with us on the War of Terror. They supported in combat zones.

The Russians, well they helped out too. They sold jammers to the Iraqis so out GPS guided bombs would stray off course and hopefully hit civilians. Upon which time their state media would blame the US for the casualties.

Russian GPS Jammers Pose Little Threat In Iraq

Russia literally fucked with the Us in Iraq and we are suppose to forget?

Mr. Nobody said...

Good luck and may God watch over you.
War survival is a matter of
Luck/ timing

Read the following

This kind of war. T R Ferrenbach
Street Without Joy. and Hell in a Very Small Place Bernard Fall

Forgotten Soldier. Guy Sajer

The book..On Killing

Remember this when you arrive at the front and you are in a fox hole being shot at or bombed with arty.... with your boots soaked and you are dirty, cold, wet and tired.....

It is the destiny of the soldier to suffer, and if need be die.

Anonymous said...

Just what the world needs.

DinoB said...

And everyone thought Trump would start WW3. Seems the orange dude was right about many things in regards to NATO. Funny that WW3 is going to start in the most corrupt country, um, I mean the elites laundromat, Ukraine.

Gillitine inthusiest said...

Yea they are crushing the propaganda side of the war we hear it all the Russians are fighting with shovels lol

Anonymous said...

Many of us did not think Trump[ would start a world war. What we thought then and still do: he would no zip, nada, zero to stop, to call out, to prevent, Putin from doing whatever Putin wanted to do.

Roger29palms said...

Mr. Nobody,

You got it. I discovered Bernard Fall in an Asian country once upon a time in 1968-1969. Street Without Joy, Hell in a Very Small Place.