Wednesday, May 31, 2023

NATO Rushes An Extra 700 Troops To Kosovo Amid Rising Tensions With Ethnic Serbs


Daily Mail: NATO will send 700 more troops to Kosovo after 30 international soldiers were wounded amid violent protests 

* The violence has stirred fear of a renewal of the brutal conflict in the late 1990s 

* More than 10,000 people lost their lives and more than 1 million were displaced NATO will send 700 more troops to northern Kosovo to help quell violent protests after clashes with ethnic Serbs there left 30 international soldiers wounded, the alliance announced Tuesday. 

The latest violence in the region has stirred fear of a renewal of the 1998-99 conflict in Kosovo that claimed more than 10,000 lives, left more than 1 million people homeless and resulted in a NATO peacekeeping mission that has lasted nearly a quarter of a century. 

The clashes grew out of a confrontation that unfolded last week after ethnic Albanian officials elected in votes overwhelmingly boycotted by Serbs entered municipal buildings to take office. When Serbs tried to block them, Kosovo police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.  

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WNU Editor: Kosovo's PM is signaling a very hard-line position .... Kosovo prime minister says he will not surrender country to Serbian ‘fascist militia’ after clashes in north (CNN). 

NATO Rushes An Extra 700 Troops To Kosovo Amid Rising Tensions With Ethnic Serbs  

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Anonymous said...

Left wing dictionary

Fascist: Anyone who challenges me in any way.
Anyone who likes Donald Trump and/or secure borders.

Anonymous said...

The Serbian part of Kosovo should be part of Serbia. The Muslims will not treat them right.

There are four reasons why liberals will not support Serbia.

1) Serbia is a Russian ally.
2) Milosevic was not likeable.
3) Liberals do not want to be accused of Islamophobia.
4) When the Serb dominated Yugoslavia started to break up, the Serbs were the initial aggressors.

Your average voting foot soldier will vote whichever way the wind blows. They do not remember the 2 week war with Slovenia. they do not remember the fighting over Osijek or Vukovar. All they can remember is the poor little Muslims got hurt in Bosnia and for some of them they will only know this, because they will have been reminded.

Anonymous said...

You know I can actually see both sides of this. But sadly 1 side is supporting and supported by russia.... so unfortunately any good points or ideas the serbs might have here are completely undermined and undone. If they didnt go around supporting russia and painting z's on things they might get some genuine sympathy from the world community as they do have some valid arguments here. But sadly from the outside this just looks like russia trying to cause trouble in other countries and as such the uprising serbs should be crushed just like russia needs to be

Anonymous said...

I’d be more sympathetic to the Serbs if they weren’t carrying Russian flags. But since they are, I say unleash the B1s.

Anonymous said...

If bad people like you hate Russians so much, then the Russians must by default be good.

fazman said...

Or if Serbs haven't consistently shown themselves to be war mongering nationalistic nazis, that revel in ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and genocide people might give a fk about their fate

Anonymous said...

Those words mean literally nothing coming from you. An actual warmongering nazi sympathizer. You should go buy a big 200 inch screen for your projector fazman.